Back Bone: Venue Revival Shout Out


A nice shout out from Darlene at Another Hole In The Wall for donating my art for their Venue Revival Benefit Show.



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LDG Nicole

Rocking Work: AMB Merch and Back Bone: Venue Revival Raffle Table


This weekend we got to display some of the hand made Axe Man’s Bridge merch that I made with the help of the band members. We did really well at their Steger Days of Music show this weekend selling merch and were really happy with how much the fans liked them. We had silk screens that were made by Josh. Frank, Danny and I made made splattered tees. I also made some necklaces and pins. I painted up some plastic axes and Danny did some finishing touches on them.

Here are a few pics from this weekend at the merch tent…

DSCF3255 DSCF3249 DSCF3250 DSCF3251  DSCF3252DSCF3254


After this show the guys then played another show for the Venue Revival Benefit at Another Hole In The Wall. That is the same benefit I  donated a prize for so I stopped by the raffle table and snapped a picture…



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LDG Nicole

Back Bone: Raffle Prize donation for Venue Revival


As all of you know I do my art for many reasons. This includes helping out for causes I believe in.  I am donating a Dead Girl Skelefly Decay Barrette, sticker and a signed post card complete with a personal thank you note from me the artist for Another Hole In The Wall’s Venue Revival – 2 Day Event. This venue helps local bands make a name for themselves. They have also helped bands who have fallen a little off the charts get back on the fan radar.

Here is a glimpse of the prize that will be raffled off at the event….



Want to see other items I have donated for wonderful causes? Check them out HERE!

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LDG Nicole