Days Of The Dead 2016


Well the anticipation is over. This past weekend was mine and Frank’s belated anniversary celebration. We decided to hold off doing something for our anniversary (Halloween) and splurge for Days of The Dead since it was only a few weeks after! It worked out perfectly. We got a hotel room and had a blast. The […]

Loves: Michael Graduates 8th Grade and I Finally Get Out of The House


With all that has been going on these past few months I feel like a hermit. I really haven’t gone out of the house to actually do anything except run to the store and work. Between taking care of Sabbath and now myself with my newly diagnosed medical issues I finally got a really nice […]

More surgery for this living dead girl!


So I really am becoming more and more like the bride of Frankenstein. First I marry my high school sweetheart Frank on Halloween and now I am collecting a beautiful collection of surgery scars as doctors keep taking parts out of me and piecing me back together. That’s me being humorous about the stress I […]

Loves : Meet Vlad!


Meet Vlad! The new addition to the Garcia family! He is a red crested gecko! It’s hard to see it in the photos but he actually has red cheeks and a reddish orange tint to his body. Seeing he is “red” we found Vlad quite the appropriate name for him. My husband actually thought of […]