It’s a nice day for a dead wedding…….

My latest and greatest undead creations…….
Bite Size Bride and Groom Zombie Couple Head Prop/Decorations!!

These little guys are for sale in my Etsy shop HERE!!
This set includes a groom with auburn hair with a dusty top hat complete with blood. The bride is blonde with a tattered bloody veil. Both have blue/grey rotting flesh! Rotten and ready to ship!
These would be a great wedding or anniversary gift for that horror movie or zombie fanatic couple. They would also be great as added decor for a horror/Halloween/zombie themed wedding. Because they are bite size they would also make a great and unique cake topper!!
If you would like me to customize a set of these for you please contact me HERE! I can make these in various flesh shades (blue/grey, green/yellow, peach/brown/flesh) and any hair color.

LDG Nicole

Sink Your Teeth….

Well I just completed another commission job. A customer named Mary had a special vision in mind when she asked me to customize one of my zombie heads for her. 
She wanted it to be very slimey, have grey hair, a small goatee, one brown eye and grey blue “flesh”. 
But she also had a special request… she wanted the mouth to be a full set of fang teeth.
Because of this my husband, Frank helped me out by drilling all the original teeth off the skull and securing the mouth open. I was then able to replace the teeth with monstrous fangs!!
Here are photos of the completed zombie head!!!

To see more of my zombie creations or to adopt the undead click HERE!
Want me to customize a zombie head for you.. contact me HERE for a quote!
LDG Nicole

Better watch out……..

my Mini Custom Zombie Head Prop and many other creepy finds!

Freaky Fanatic Zombie Clown photos!!

As you all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE customer appreciation photos. And as you all know I love them so much I have a Freaky Fanatic section on this site dedicated to all these fantastic photos that I receive. 
With that I am so happy that my mini clown zombie head been adopted by Phil. A very big creepy clown art collector. After getting these awesome photos I am definitely sure my undead clown has found his place in his new home!!!
Living Dead Girl Nicole’s Mini Zombie Clown Head displayed on table
amongst Freaky Fanatic Phil’s creepy clown art collection!!!
Thank you so much Phil for the awesome photos and for adopting a piece of my undead art for your collection!!! Your photos are now officially a part of the Freaky Fanatic Gallery!
If you have a photo showing how you have displayed a piece of my artwork in your home please contact me through the contact the dead girl link. I would love to feature your photos here on the site and add you to the Freaky Fanatic Gallery!! 
LDG Nicole