Happy Mom’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Lily Munster Moms out there!! 
Amongst The Web Of Beauty – Lily Munster/Yvonne DeCarlo Portrait
by Living Dead Girl Nicole
Eddie Munster: Boy, mom, you sure have a lot of recipies here. Cesar salad, beef Stroganoff, Napoleon brandy, Bloody Mary. 
Lily Munster: Yes Eddie, and at one time or another, they were all friends of the family. 

And in tribute to the memory of the most beautiful woman I have ever known.. 
I love you Mom..
Of Lilies and Remains,
LDG Nicole

Dark Art Treasury


My “Amongst the Web of Beauty – Lily Munster/Yvonne Decarlo Portrait Print” has been added to a Dark Art Etsy Dark Team Treasury. I really admire this treasury because everything in it is based on drawings, paintings, prints etc. that the Etsy Dark Team artists have created. Please definitely go check this one out!!

* Dark Art – Etsy Dark Team Treasury HERE!

Support the Arts!!
LDG Nicole

Etsy Dark Team Monthly Exhibition – December: Non Sparkly Vampire Dreams


A New Etsy Dark Team Monthly Exhibition is up for the month of December. The theme is Non Sparkly
Vampire Dreams. 3 of my items have been chosen to be featured in the exhibition.

* Absinthe Makes the Heart Grown Founder – Mina Harker/Winona Ryder Portrait

* Amongst the Web of Beauty – Lily Munster/Yvonne DeCarlo Portrait

* Dracula Brides Fantasy Portrait

There are some awesome vampy treasures made by other Etsy Dark Team members in there as well so definitely go check it out HERE!!

LDG Nicole

Nothing a good knife can’t create!


Over the weekend we had a few friends over for annual pumpkin carving and pumpkin ale night. I really wanted to carve a Lily Munster pumpkin (seeing I adore her) but there are no stencils online to do it. So I took it upon myself to create my own from some images online that I put in Paint and then edited them to be somewhat like a stencil. I was very pleased with the results!!

My husband Frank has a large tall pumpkin which he decided was perfect to make of Herman Munster and decided to carve him out to match mine. He was lucky enough to find a stencil on the Zombie Pumpkins website. 

We have some crazy storms coming through here tonight.. so most likely once the weather calms down I can get a nice picture of the two of them side by side on our porch.

Take a stab at it!
LDG Nicole