Free At Last!

As many of you know I have been a strong follower and supporter of the Free The West Memphis Three cause.. including donating my art work to a fundraising/concert event this past year and helping to spread the word etc.
To hear the “surprise” hearing today was a success.. gives me chills in a good way. I am not happy with the plea they were given because I feel they deserved better …. but their freedom is what is worth celebrating!
A day in history for the WM3! Now to put away the real murderers and let the victims RIP!
LDG Nicole

Sponsor Bio up!


Check it out…… my little Sponsor bio is now up on the Cry For Justice: Free The West Memphis Three benefit site!! Check it out HERE!! While your there subscribe to the feed on the site to be updated on future events, raffles and all things that support the fight for the West Memphis Three!! If you are not familiar with the case.. check out my previous post HERE!! There is a very awesome and informative video about it in that post!!

Stand up and Be Heard!
LDG Nicole

West Memphis Three Benefit Success!


A huge thank you to those of you that came out or donated!! The benefit was a huge success and the concert  was amazing!! Here is a slideshow of photos I got from the event!! And yes the last one is my husband wearing his Dr Satan mask standing next to Stitch from Mushroomhead!! 🙂

I also posted a few videos on my YouTube Channel but the sound is lousy cause I was using my digital camera and I was literally right by Mushroomhead’s speaker which was right in front of the stage. But you can still see how awesome the show was visually.

Keep fighting the good fight!
LDG Nicole

Today’s the big weekend!! Win and Help a great cause!!


 A chance to win and a chance to help the West Memphis Three!! As Damien Echols turns 36 years old this weekend.. we will be rocking out and supporting their cause by raffling off items at the Cry For Justice/Free The West Memphis Three benefit concert(s)!! These items include rock, tattoo and art related items. Some of my art will be included in the raffles!! Even if you don’t live in the Chicagoland area you can still win and still help join the fight by  purchasing a raffle ticket online! For more information about the items I have up for raffle, and to see a very informative video regarding the case go to my previous post HERE! As Damien turns 36 years old this weekend remember that he has never used a cell phone, he can’t even read this post because he doesn’t know what the internet looks like. He has been interviewed and has said he hasn’t used a computer since the late 80’s when he was still in school. As those might be little things to most of us.. think of how long that means he has been locked away for a crime he did not commit!! How much time the justice system won’t admit they messed up! Remember this could happen to any of us!

Stand up!!
LDG Nicole

Win my artwork & help a great cause!!!


Want a chance at winning one of my Mini Zombie heads or some tattoo/rock related Dead Girl Decay??? Now is your chance!! Not only could you possibly win a piece of my art, but you might also be able to win many other rock and tattoo related items!! All by helping a great cause (freeing the West Memphis Three)!! All you have to do is visit this website and purchase a $5 raffle ticket!! That’s it!!! You must purchase a ticket this week though, because the benefit concerts (featuring such bands as Mushroomhead and Michale Graves formerly of the Misfits) is this weekend!!
Website to purchase raffle tickets and learn more about the benefit concert is:

Win it and Help!
LDG Nicole

If you are not familiar with the case of the West Memphis Three, here is a link to a very informative video to give you more insight..
Johnny Depp (who’s a supporter of the cause) is also in the video for those of you who want to hear an intelligent handsome man speak 🙂

To all of you out there that listen to heavy metal/rock music, wear black, read or watch horror books/movies, or have different religious beliefs or just enjoy being different!! Remember this could happen to any of us!