Wolfman and Mummy Remains….


From my past posts you all might recall that I made some Universal Monster inspired coffin trinket boxes. These boxes were one of a kind and only 4 were made. So far the Dracula and the Creature from the Black Lagoon have been sold. There are only 2 remaining which are the Mummy and the Wolfman!
Get them HERE before they are gone! Your creepy treasures will thank you!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Monster Faced finally up!

I decided to open up the windows and finally do some “spring arranging” so that I could finally hang up the Universal Monster inspired paintings (Monster Faced) that I did. I had to wait until my neighbors were gone for the day (I live in a town home connected to other town homes and banging on the wall is like banging on their wall ha ha) to hang them and today was my lucky day.
I am very happy on how well they go with our other Universal Monster living room decor (and yes those are Universal Monster throw pillows). All that hard work of painting them and now they can finally be displayed!! YAY!
That Dracula poster was a wedding gift that we never did get a chance to hang up. I wanted to be sure it would still have a spot on our wall while we wait for the poster frame to come in. I temporarily hung it with no frame to make sure it has a spot on the wall as I was rearranging. We have soooo many autographed horror movie posters and things that need to be framed before we can hang them.. we are running out of wall space in our town home for sure ha ha
I decided since the neighbors were not home it was the perfect time to also add our Captain Spaulding photo op photo to our Devil’s Rejects autograph wall…
And then took full advantage to add a few more framed autographed photos to this wall as well…
I also decided since it’s springtime it was time to give my hair some color (yes again ha ha) .Since all of the purple seems to be gone from my hair (it really stuck to my hair since I dyed it various shades of purple through out all of 2011) I added in my signature red to more then just my bangs and sides of my face (I had added red and orange to my bangs and a couple streaks around my face for the last couple of months)… my whole head is not fire engine red like it use to be but I did add a lot of it to the under layers of my dark brown hair. It’s funny because the people I know are all like “I knew the red would make a come back.. it’s only a matter of time before it takes over your whole head again” ha ha
Hooray for spring changes!
LDG Nicole

It came from the water…….

Another Coffin Monster Box Complete!!

This was made for my Dead Girl Coffin Decay Box line. It is painted a slithery green color and adorned with sea plant life with water droplets for that under water creature look. It is lacquered to protect the paint and features a mini Creature from the Black Lagoon movie poster on top. The mini poster is also lacquered to protect the image. The inside is also painted a slithery green color and lined in a mossy green felt for a nice soft finish for all your spooky treasures.

Would make a great jewelry, trinket, stash or ring bearer box!!

You can purchase it HERE in my Etsy Shop!

LDG Nicole

Monster Faced

When I was in advanced portfolio class my senior year of high school (1999), I started to paint a set of paintings I call “Faced”. It is a set of paintings that are meant to be hung up together to give you an even bigger visual.
I actually painted quite a few of these for family, friends and customers by request. To have something I envisioned in high school be requested by so many people has always made me pretty proud.
Here is a photo of one of the sets I completed…
“Faced” Paintings by Nicole Garcia – 1999
During the summer of last year I purchased some canvas and posted how I had a new vision in mind. Well that vision is finally complete. I know a year has gone by but this is a set of paintings for my own personal collection so I was in no rush to get them done in between all my orders and art projects.
I call this version “Monster Faced”
“Monster Faced” Paintings by Nicole Garcia
Inspired by my love of horror this Frankenstein, Creature, Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula version will match the Universal Monster stuff that rocks my living room decor.
Even though this set of paintings are for my own personal collection I am always up for commission work and would be willing to paint a set of these for anyone that is interested in them.  Please use the Contact The Dead Girl link to contact me for a price quote.
LDG Nicole

For the love of beasts and blood….

After I posted last night about my Mummy Coffin Decay Box, I got some great feedback through out the web. It made me too anxious to wait to post 2 more Coffin Decay boxes I completed. 
So here they are….
This one’s a beast..

It is painted a beastly brown color and adorned with brown “fur” for that monster wolfman look. It is lacquered to protect the paint and features a mini Woflman movie poster on top. The mini poster is also lacquered to protect the image. The inside is also painted a beastly brown and lined in a brown felt for a nice soft finish for all your spooky treasures.
This one is bloodsucking…

It is painted a blood red color and adorned with 2 bloody fangs for that monster Dracula look. It is lacquered to protect the paint and features a mini Dracula movie poster on top. The mini poster is also lacquered to protect the image. The inside is also painted a blood red and lined in a red felt for a nice soft finish for all your spooky treasures.

LDG Nicole

It’s a wrap!

Looking for something unique to give the one you love for Valentine’s Day? 
Or did you buy the one you love a piece of jewelry and want a unique way to “wrap” it? 
How about a gift for yourself to keep all your decay in?

Well look no further. This is my latest creation.. a Mummy Coffin Decay Box. It is painted a sandy beige color and wrapped in white gauze for that monster Mummy look. It is lacquered to protect the paint and features a mini Mummy movie poster on top. The mini poster is also lacquered to protect the image. The inside is also painted a sandy beige and lined in a sandy beige felt for a nice soft finish for all your spooky treasures.

Purchase it in my Etsy shop – HERE!

LDG Nicole

It Came From the Black Lagoon…..

So earlier this year my husband surprised me and brought home 4 original Aurora Universal Monster Models from the 60’s (Creature, Frankenstein, Dracula & Wolfman). A friend at work was selling them and he bought them right away on a steal. The problem with them is that the man who was selling them put them together and painted them when he was a little kid. Which meant taking the apart and redoing them completely.  
Us being Universal Monster Fans and having them themed out in our living room my husband thought this would be a great project for the 2 of us to work on and then display in our home. 
We decided to be generous. Since our friends Kenny and Jordan are HUGE Creature fans and have Creature memorabilia through out their entire home we decided that we would give them that model once we completed it. We decided to make that one our first project.
My husband carefully took the body apart with exacto knives and various tools. He also scrapped all the old dried up glue off of it.
He calls this picture Creature Sushi ha ha
We washed the pieces up and then my husband glued the model back together the way it was suppose to be. He left some of the smaller pieces off like the skeleton hand and tree so that I could paint those and he could glue them on when we were all done. 
Well I was nervous as I had never painted with model paint before but I give myself a nice pat on the back for  the way it came out. I tried to paint it as close to the pictures I found of the completed model online..

As we complete the other models I plan on posting them as well!
We gave the completed model to Kenny and Jordan on Sunday and they loved it. They invited us over for Walking Dead Premiere Dinner night.. and this is how they served the meat to us…
along with pasta salad and potatoes! 
Gotta love a zombie inspired meal with your creative friends! 
LDG Nicole