Amongst The Web of Beauty

I have been a huge Munsters fans since I was younger. I now have a tattoo of Lily Munster on my arm…
My husband, Frank bought me a replica Lily Munster necklace that is extra special to me and I love wearing it.  Like how Herman (her Frankenstein) gave it to Lily, I can say my Frank gave it to me. I get so many fun reactions to it! And love it!
And as most of the neighbors were scared of the Munsters I always wished I lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. And as oddly vampish as Lily looked to some people I looked at her as a dark goddess!! And even when Yvonne was not playing Lily she was one of the most beautiful and stunning woman I have ever seen. I wanted to express her beauty in one of my very own art pieces. And tada!!! Here it is!!! 🙂 My latest and greatest portrait done of the beautiful Yvonne DeCarlo as Lily Munster. May she rest in peace….
Lily Munster Yvonne Decarlo Portrait – Amongst the Web of Beauty
Love and Skulls,
LDG Nicole