Attention all Tattoo Related Artists on Etsy!!


Are you a Tattoo inspired artist on Etsy??? Then join my new Etsy Team Inked Etsy!!! No weird commitment rules!! All you have to do is just have 3 items in your shop at all times that are tattoo related These items just need to be tagged InkedEtsy to show up in the team search! That simple! So get your ink on and join here!!!

And for those you readers that enjoy my tattoo inspired art work make sure the next time your on Etsy to put InkedEtsy in the search bar to find all the great items this team has to offer. More items to come of course as this team is brand new!!

No regrets,
LDG Nicole

Meow…Mrs Von D


Well in tribute of the LA Ink season finale I figured I would feature this portrait I drew of Kat Von D a few years back!! I have always admired Kat for her unique style and awesome down to earth fun personality. I think she is beyond stunning and a great example of how you can be a beautiful woman even if you are covered in the edginess of tattoos. And well as we all know that is right up my alley since I myself am heavily tattoo’d.

Back when I drew this Kat use to have an email address posted on her site and I emailed the picture to her and this was the response she sent me.

From: Kat Von D

Subject: fanart

To: “Nicole Birmingham”

Date: Monday, April 7, 2008, 10:57 PM

Hey Nicole,Thank you so much for the rad fanart. I love it!
Kat Von D

I remember the day I opened my email and my jaw dropped.. because I remember an episode of LA Ink back in the day where she was trying to make time in her schedule to answer her fan email so I knew it was a response from her. Now of course she uses Twitter to stay in touch with fans. But the awesome thing about it is that she makes the time for her fans!!

Do you also admire Mrs Kat Von D? Want a print of this portrait I did of her?? Well your in luck because prints are available in my Etsy shop HERE!!! 

And are you like Kat and love wearing gold???
Check out my golden Webbed decay hair barrette for sale HERE as well!!

Hollywood Babe!
LDG Nicole

Got Ink???


New section in my Etsy shop………Dead Girl Ink Decay.. that’s right.. tattoo inspired goodies for you pin up tattoo’d ghouls out there!

I decided since I am heavily inked and loved the art form of tattoos .. why not do some tattoo inspired decay for other people who also appreciate the art form.

You can find them here!!!

More coming soon!! So make sure you bookmark or “heart” my shop!!

Tattoo Your Soul!
LDG Nicole

Another Award :)


Well it appears I have more fans then I thought I did ha ha. I just received The Versatile Blogger award as well thanks to ZombiesAreMagic!!!!! and Halloween Overkill!!

I am not going to repost 15 blogs since I just did in my previous posting but I will follow the rule and post 7 things about myself…

1.) When little girls wanted to be ballerinas I wanted to be Elvira (I still do)
2.) I have 2 cats, their names are Ichabod (as in Crane) and Sabbath (as in Black)
3.) I married my high school sweetheart, Frank  after being together 11 years. We got married on Halloween last year.. we are bit obsessed with the holiday.
4.) Johnny Depp is my boyfriend.. my husband is ok with it.
5.) I love everything Rob Zombie.. including his wife Sheri. My husband is ok with this too ha ha
6.) My all time favorite movie since I was a kid is Labyrinth.. Beetlejuice coming a close 2nd
7.) I have many tattoos.. some of them making up a sleeve (almost done) in tribute to spooky hot woman of cinema and tv.

Rock on!
LDG Nicole