An Artist Kind of Christmas


I am not going to come on here and boast about what I got for Christmas.. but I do want to share some of the art related items I received since this site is all about my art.

From my Mother in Law Judy .. I FINALLY am a happy Cricut owner!! I scrapbook all the time and have been wanting one of these things ever since they first came out and were only available to order from an infomercial ha ha!! This is a picture of when I got it home and opened it and experimented with it for the first time.. I made a little I love you Frank with a moon for my husband as a experiment to see how it all works! I freaking love it!

Then another awesome gift came from my Dad and my Step Mom Grace. My Dad made me a scrapbook he titled “Nicole’s 1st Portfolio”. When you open it up the pages are filled with artwork I did from my childhood that my Dad has held on to all these years. There were even a couple of my winning coloring contests including one I did to win Circus tickets ha ha. I have always had a fascination with the circus, and would always enter coloring contests to win tickets so I could go ha ha. There were also pictures when I was chosen as Artist of the Week in 1st grade when I drew a Jack O Lantern with a Witch and a Pumpkin. 
Here are a couple shots of the awesome book (I only took a couple shots because there are quite a few pages in the book) .. this has got to be one of the coolest gifts I have ever gotten..

My brother Mike, Sister In Law Melissa and the kids got me this awesome Art Bin!!! It was on my wish list and something I need so badly to keep all my Dead Girl Decay supplies organized!!
With that I end this Christmas blog note with a shot out for this amazing nativity universal monster painting posted on Frankensteinia that I am now completely ga ga over!!! 

Rocking Good Xmas!
LDG Nicole