Kat Von D Style

My Kat Von D portrait print is now a part of an awesome Etsy Treasury dedicated to her.
It’s Hollywood Babe!
LDG Nicole

New items to help the Linda Blair and the WorldHeart Foundation!!

When I met Linda Blair last year and gave her my original “The Power of Christ Compells You” portrait I learned about a foundation she started to help rescue dogs. The event was a meet and greet/Q&A at a showing of the Exorcist. But it also an event where all the proceeds went to her WorldHeart Foundation. It wasn’t until this event that I realized how much Linda loves animals and how much she has done to rescue and help them. The fact that she uses her star status for such a great cause makes her that much more amazing to me. As you all know when someone inspires me and it’s for a great cause I always want to find a way to help through my art.

So with that I contacted the foundation and have created “dog” inspired mini hair barrettes and pins.
50% of the sale of these items will be donated to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.

These items can be purchased in my Etsy Shop under the Helping Hands section!! 
To add even more options to help. I am also donating 50% of all sales of my “The Power of Christ Compells You” portrait prints to the foundation as well. The prints have now been moved from my Paper Cuts section of my shop to the Helping Hands section!! 
You can’t beat buying something that helps a great cause. Not only do you get something when you purchase one of these pins or barrettes but you also have something to keep to remind you that you helped a great cause!

Here is more information about the foundation from their website:

The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation is devoted to the loving care and rescue of animals throughout Los Angeles. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which means we rely on generous tax deductible donations from animal lovers and benevolent souls, just like you.
With your help, we can work miracles to end the suffering of animals throughout Los Angeles.  Our rescues deserve warm, happy and loving forever homes where they can live in safety.
LDG Nicole

RobertEnglund.com for the Win! Part 2!

RobertEnglund.com has posted more of my pictures in the fan section of the site. 
But now they posted the pictures of me and Frank from when we just met him a few weeks ago. This includes the photo of me giving Robert the portrait I drew of him as well!
The portrait is posted under Fans>Fan Art
The pictures of me and Frank meeting Robert are under Fans>Fans Meet Freddy!
Check it out HERE!
LDG Nicole

Happy Mom’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Lily Munster Moms out there!! 
Amongst The Web Of Beauty – Lily Munster/Yvonne DeCarlo Portrait
by Living Dead Girl Nicole
Eddie Munster: Boy, mom, you sure have a lot of recipies here. Cesar salad, beef Stroganoff, Napoleon brandy, Bloody Mary. 
Lily Munster: Yes Eddie, and at one time or another, they were all friends of the family. 

And in tribute to the memory of the most beautiful woman I have ever known.. 
I love you Mom..
Of Lilies and Remains,
LDG Nicole

Sweet Dreams Portrait featured at Holly’s Horrorland!!


Holly’s Horrorland has posted my Sweet Dreams Robert Englund/Freddy Kruegar portrait as a part of her Freddy inspired featured post!! Check it out HERE!!! Want your very own print of this portait?? Purchase one here in my Etsy shop!

Pleasant Nightmares!
LDG Nicole

Kayla and Stone Portrait


My brother in law, Richie commissioned me to draw a picture of my niece, Kayla and their dog Stone that passed away this year. Kayla grew up with Stone. When she was a baby, Stone was a puppy and they were inseparable from the start. The portrait was to be a gift for Kayla for Christmas other wise I would have posted it sooner. I was given some photos to draw the portrait off of. I chose to take these two photos and combine them so you could see both Kayla and Stone’s faces. By doing so I was able to create a completely new picture which I thought was pretty neat.

Here are the 2 photos I used…

And here is the finished portrait I created…

When Kayla saw me today she thanked me for drawing the picture and told me she really wanted a picture of her and Stone and that she really liked it. My brother in law actually took it to the store and had it blown up huge for her bedroom. If I get photos of that I will be sure to share them on here!!

RIP Stone
LDG Nicole

A gift from the angels……

One thing I am often told when people see my work is “you have a gift!” One of the things I love about art is that you can take “your gift” and make something special for someone. Recently, my niece Morgan on my husband’s side of the family graduated jr high and also had her 15th birthday. She had already wanted a purple and black Dead Girl Decay barrette for her birthday.. so I wanted to do something special for her graduation. Morgan lost her Father at a young age.. which really hits home to me. I too lost my Mother when I was younger as I have mentioned in past posts and I know how hard it is to hit milestones in your life without having them there with you to celebrate, to share and to just be there with you as your life changes.  Such as graduation. So I got a photograph from her mom and I drew her this portrait of her Dad as her graduation present. Inside her card I told her “let it be a reminder that he is also here with you and he is just as proud of you as we all are”. She of course cried.. but hugged and thanked me over and over again. Just seeing that not only brought back memories of going through that when I was her age but made my heart smile. All the hard work and time put into the portrait.. and to see how happy it made her on her special day made me realize why I was “given a gift” and it makes me eternally grateful that I can return that gift to someone else.
Here are a few more photos of the Dead Girl Decay barrette I made for her as well. She loved it!

LDG Nicole