Happy True Blood Day!!

Is everyone as excited as I am???
I have been having total Pam withdrawal!!! 
Happy True Blood day to my Freaky Fanatics!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

New Dead Girl PORTRAIT Decay!!

Now you really can rock my artwork! On your head!
That’s right check out the first of my new Dead Girl Portrait Decay line!
Each barrette features a mini cropped print of one of the portraits I have drawn 
(each print is protected with micro glaze and a resin seal).

LDG Nicole

2-14 Vampire Soiree


As a proud participate of the 2012 Online Vampire’s Day Soiree here are some of my vampire inspired items I have created. 

and here are photos of 3 vampire inspired tattoos I have.. 
one of  Lucy, one of The Count and one of Lily Munster 
Tattoos were done my Ken Culver


and since this is Valentine’s Day and all.. and mine and my husband’s wedding was themed “Love Never Dies” from Dracula and my wedding dress was inspired by Mina’s red dress…. here is a photo from mine and my husband Frank’s special day 10-31-09
This is what looks like…

Now continue with this soiree by visiting Holly’s Horror Land where there will be a complete listing of sites you can visit today that will all be posting vampire inspired things!
LDG Nicole

Eric Northman

Enjoy looking at this new Etsy Treasury ladies!! 
It’s ALL dedicated to Eric Northman!
Go get a taste.. HERE!
LDG Nicole

Having True Blood Withdrawl???

June is almost here.. 
which brings us that much closer to the new season of True Blood for us Trubies out there!
Check out this awesome Etsy treasury called True Blood Withdrawal 
LDG Nicole

Bite Me!

For those of you that are big True Blood and Sookie Stackhouse book fans (like myself) you will appreciate this one. I am a HUGE fan of the character Pam. Actually she is my favorite character in the books. When they came out with the television series I thought  oh man they are going to have to find someone special for this role. Someone stunning and feisty. To be honest I was a bit scared of being disappointed.
Then Kristin Bauer‘s face showed up on the screen (stunning) and then her acting skills were right on target!! I was so impressed with the casting of her character. I simply fell in love with her and now am a big fan of hers! She is my hero for bringing Pam to the screen the way she should be!! She is now also my favorite character on the tv show as well. I get just as excited to see her character appear on the show as I do with the books. On top of being gorgeous and a talented actress she is also an amazing artist!! How cool is that!?!
Pam is the type of female role I always tend to fall in love with in books, tv and movies. 
Stunning, seductive, beautiful.. but watch your back and don’t cross her !! Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean she isn’t smarter, faster and stronger then what you can throw at her! Here is a quote that completely explains why I love her so much…

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to.

As you all know my love for things is usually what inspires a lot of my art work. 

And so I give you my latest portrait…
For those of you other True Blood fans out there. Prints are available HERE!
And for those of you that love to wear your vampire art.. I also have a Pam inspired Dead Girl Decay barrette in my Etsy shop HERE!!
LDG Nicole