Freaky Fanatic baby nursery pics!!!

Back in May I posted some owl paintings that I did as a baby shower gift for my cousin Patrick, his girlfriend Emily and their baby girl Juniper.
Emily sent me this awesome photo of the paintings displayed in Junipers nursery.
Do you have a photograph of how you displayed your Living Dead Girl Nicole artwork? Have a photo of you wearing one of my Dead Girl Decay accessories? Have a photo of where you displayed or rocked your Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole stickers or merch? Then contact me HERE and become a Freaky Fanatic!!!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Original Fairy Painting Slashed!


This post is to let everyone know that I am starting to slash prices again in my Etsy Shop to make room for new items. The first item to be slashed is my original dark fairy painting.

Item description:
This is one of my original paintings I did back in 2001. It is a fairy in a dark forest sitting upon a mushroom. This was painted on a piece of wood paneling. My friend was ripping wood paneling off his walls and throwing it away and it inspired me to make something unique and beautiful out of it.Please note that because this was painted in 2001 it has my maiden name signature on it 🙂

Originally priced at $60 this painting has been slashed down to $45. Don’t forget this is also a pre-made item and qualifies for this weeks SHOPTILYOUFREAK discount code if entered during check out!
Stay Spooky and Mythical!
LDG Nicole

Baby Shower Gifting with art

All of you know of my love of owls and how I have a huge owl tattoo on my back in memory of my Mom. Well I could not have been more excited when my cousin Patrick told me his girlfriend Emily also loved owls and they decided to do their baby’s nursery in an owl themed motif.
When I got their baby shower invitation in the mail it had these adorable owls on it.
A green daddy owl, a purple mommy owl and a pink baby girl owl. Inspiration kicked in.
And these paintings were the result …
And well you can’t tell me your having a little girl and me not make her barrettes 🙂
So I also made these “inked decay” barrettes for the baby…
I can’t wait until she is born and has hair so I can see these tiny little feathers in it ha ha.
My phone took some lousy pictures at the shower because of the back lighting in the room but here are a few that I uploaded to Instagram..
These two are going to have such a beautiful baby!!
and then a great one of me and my cousin Patrick ..the daddy to be …
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Monster Faced finally up!

I decided to open up the windows and finally do some “spring arranging” so that I could finally hang up the Universal Monster inspired paintings (Monster Faced) that I did. I had to wait until my neighbors were gone for the day (I live in a town home connected to other town homes and banging on the wall is like banging on their wall ha ha) to hang them and today was my lucky day.
I am very happy on how well they go with our other Universal Monster living room decor (and yes those are Universal Monster throw pillows). All that hard work of painting them and now they can finally be displayed!! YAY!
That Dracula poster was a wedding gift that we never did get a chance to hang up. I wanted to be sure it would still have a spot on our wall while we wait for the poster frame to come in. I temporarily hung it with no frame to make sure it has a spot on the wall as I was rearranging. We have soooo many autographed horror movie posters and things that need to be framed before we can hang them.. we are running out of wall space in our town home for sure ha ha
I decided since the neighbors were not home it was the perfect time to also add our Captain Spaulding photo op photo to our Devil’s Rejects autograph wall…
And then took full advantage to add a few more framed autographed photos to this wall as well…
I also decided since it’s springtime it was time to give my hair some color (yes again ha ha) .Since all of the purple seems to be gone from my hair (it really stuck to my hair since I dyed it various shades of purple through out all of 2011) I added in my signature red to more then just my bangs and sides of my face (I had added red and orange to my bangs and a couple streaks around my face for the last couple of months)… my whole head is not fire engine red like it use to be but I did add a lot of it to the under layers of my dark brown hair. It’s funny because the people I know are all like “I knew the red would make a come back.. it’s only a matter of time before it takes over your whole head again” ha ha
Hooray for spring changes!
LDG Nicole