I love my husband 🙂
This just came in the mail today…
Happy belated birthday/valentine’s day to me!!
Well worth the wait for another pay day and being patient to see what he ordered for me!! 
LDG Nicole

Is it 30 already???

Well when I woke up this morning I turned into a 30 year old living dead girl. HA HA. That’s right today I turn the big 30!! It’s not so bad after all. I think it helps that my husband, Frank turns the big 30 as well in 6 days. 
Speaking of husbands. It pays to be married to a man that listens and supports your art 🙂 I have been complaining for a while now that my sketch pad has fallen apart and how I need a new one. Being on a tight budget I keep putting off getting a new one.. telling myself.. just deal with the one you have .. it has paper in it still that you can use. It just also has broken metal spirals that make all the pages fall out… and no longer has a cover or a backing so its flimsy and all the pages are ragged on the edges. 
Well looky what Frank surprised me with …. 
100 blank pages to start filling!! YAY!
He was concerned cause it was a small gift seeing we are on a budget and have been watching our spending more (I guess we are getting old ha ha).. but it’s not small to me. It goes to show that he listens and that he supports me and how passionate I am about art. Best gift ever!
And with all this birthday talk I must give a shout out to the beautiful Christina Ricci who also shares the same birthday as me (but will be turning 31).
Here is  portrait I drew of her a few years ago and actually titled it Birthday Girl because we share the same birthday.
Birthday Girl By Nicole (Birmingham) Garcia
Well it’s off to enjoy my day.. dinner with friends and then tomorrow its off to watch some live roller derby (which I am incredibly stoked about!!).
Stay Young!
LDG Nicole