Zombified Michael

This year for Halloween my nephew Michael asked me to transform him into a zombie and of course I said yes! 🙂 
He normally wears glasses so I left space under his eyes in case he wanted to put them on…

He did so good sitting for me as I applied all the latex and makeup. Every time people would say “oh man it looks so gross” or “it looks awesome” he was anxious to see it for himself but sat patiently. When he finally got a good look in the mirror his response was “WHOA!”  
I told him we needed to do some pics in his front yard. My brother Mike did an amazing job transforming his front yard into a cemetary which I thought would be a great back drop.
I look at how great these pictures came out and realize how much he is starting to take after Aunt Nicole ha ha. I had flash backs to my modeling days and how into character I would be. And then I look at these pictures I took of him…. 

What can I say.. my nephew rots.. I mean rocks! 🙂
Love this kid!
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Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


Everyone that knows me knows I have a bit of a Bride of Frankenstein obsession.
The funny thing is I have never dressed up as her for Halloween . 
Well never say never!

Here are some pics from this weekend’s Halloween party and I finally rocked the Bride look!
I hope I did Elsa proud! 
With my army girl Emily
Lookie who I found in the bathroom 🙂
Me ad my girl Jess.. as a futuristic Alice..
you might also recognize her as the lead singer of Expired Empire
Danielle was all stitched up too!!
With my real Franky… although the hubby was dressed as the  devil (and yes he painted himself red)..
As you can see I am posed “next to him” so I wouldn’t pull a Shaun of The Dead
and get red on me ha ha. You can actually see my Bride of Frankenstein tattoo in this one!

Stay spooky and shocking!
LDG Nicole


Some zombie makeup I did on our friend Kayle for a Halloween party we went to this weekend.

He got a ton of compliments on it as well. Everytime someone said how great it was he would point at me and give me props! Gotta love that!
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Stay spooky and infected!
LDG Nicole

The undead runs in the family

Me and my nephew Michael the zombie rocker! Halloween 2010

On Halloween I always visit my brother and the kids to take pics of their costumes and celebrate well the greatest holiday of the year ha ha.

close up of Michaels makeup

This year my nephew Michael decided to be a Zombie Rocker! He asked me to do his makeup like the picture on the package that his costume came in. I of course had loads of fun doing it. The pics are not super clear but they show how awesome he looked and how much fun he had dressing up as the undead.

One thing that cracked me up was that my brother made their front yard look like a cemetary. I told him to lay down like a zombie and pose for some pics after we did his makeup. But the funny part was that he decided to keep doing it and “rising from the dead” to scare the other trick or treaters!! He had more fun doing that then I think he did trick or treating himself. Is that my nephew or what!! ha ha

my nephew Michael in the yard cemetary
Get you dead rock on!
LDG Nicole