I love my husband 🙂
This just came in the mail today…
Happy belated birthday/valentine’s day to me!!
Well worth the wait for another pay day and being patient to see what he ordered for me!! 
LDG Nicole

Inked Pam!

So my husband Frank knows me all too well.
We were at the store today and he comes running to me 
“BABE!! Pam is on the cover of Tattoo Magazine!”
Holding up Kristin Bauer’s gorgeous face before me.
Of course I bought it. 🙂
For those of you that have read my past fan posts and seen my fan art know why I bought it 🙂
Check out my Pam- Kristin Bauer portrait prints and my Pam inspired barrette in my Etsy Shop!
Kristin Bauer, Pam, True Blood Vamps and Tattoos for the win!
LDG Nicole