iphone app WIN!

So I downloaded this celebrity look a like app on my iphone because I thought it would be funny to see if it comes up with what I constantly hear
“OMG has anyone every told you that you look like Katy Perry”
“Wow you remind me of Zoey Deschanel”
“Have you ever seen that goth chic on CSI?? You remind me of her.. I think her name is Pauley (Perrette) or something like that?”
And my results…..
I started to crack up when I saw my results.
1.) Because I have idolized this woman since I was a little girl. 
2.) Because I don’t look like her but this is by far the coolest result ever ha ha ha!
Did someone tell the app gods to give me this result to make my day? HA HA
Too funny!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Vote Kimberly!!

Vote Kimberly Freeman as Revolver’s Hottest Chic of Metal and Hard Rock HERE!
This woman is not only seriously talented but she is beautiful inside and out and is amazing to her fans!!!
Stay Spooky
LDG Nicole


And this my Freaky Fanatics is just another reason I love One Eyed Doll..
You can now pre- order their new album Dirty at OneEyedDoll.com
Are you a One Eyed Doll fan as well?
Also keep your ears and one eye open cause a summer tour is on it’s way for One Eyed Doll and OTEP!! 
Bookmark their tour page to get updates on when they will be in your town!!! 
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

a break from reality

Here’s to escaping reality and losing yourself in the wilderness.
Camping, lobster tail, CAKE, canoes, fighting off raccoons in tents, bath salt bites, drinks, songs around the campfire, surprise sugar skull gifts, skipping stones the size of your head, free minnow pedicures, bald eagles, creepy Ravelli look a likes on bikes, feeding huge spiders mothras, glory holes, “is that real” shower experiences, air mattresses in the air, big boy breakfasts and good times with friends! 
Had to laugh that the minute I got there my friend Frenchie moved the hatchet away from me and said “I think I am gonna move this away from Nicole” ha ha. Am I the Jason Voorhees of the group? ha ha
Had a wonderful time this past weekend escaping the “every day is exactly the same” routine. A much needed trip for me and Frank! Can’t wait for next year!
I am officially back home and back in business!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole