Gifts for the Halls!


As many of you know I am big fans of the monster making skills of Cleve and Constance Hall. I keep in touch with Cleve online and he has been nothing but awesome to me. I have also used my site as well as social media to spread the word to bring Monster Man back to SyFy as I truly believe dark artists like myself need more  exposure and respect for what they do. Cleve and Constance both agreed to do a feature interviews with me for (coming soon!) which turned out great because they both had some fun and creative answers! I decided since they inspire me so much that I would make some art based on my love of what they do and who they are. Since Cleve loves godzilla I decided to make a green mini zombie head complete with dark hair and facial hair similiar to his and decided to make a fuschia and black skelefly Dead Girl Decay barrette that was fitting to Constance’s unique look and style. These gifts will be going in the mail to them soon and I can’t wait to hear what they think of them!

Stay Spooky and inspired!
LDG Nicole

Happy Birthday to the one I wanted to be when I grew up (and still do)

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Halloween!!!!
Elvira – Cassandra Peterson!!!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole´╗┐

Thank you!!!

A very special thank you to everyone that helped make the Keith Michalski benefit a huge success!!!
My best friend, Regina Michalski & Me @ the benefit
Stay Spooky!!
LDG Nicole

iphone app WIN!

So I downloaded this celebrity look a like app on my iphone because I thought it would be funny to see if it comes up with what I constantly hear
“OMG has anyone every told you that you look like Katy Perry”
“Wow you remind me of Zoey Deschanel”
“Have you ever seen that goth chic on CSI?? You remind me of her.. I think her name is Pauley (Perrette) or something like that?”
And my results…..
I started to crack up when I saw my results.
1.) Because I have idolized this woman since I was a little girl. 
2.) Because I don’t look like her but this is by far the coolest result ever ha ha ha!
Did someone tell the app gods to give me this result to make my day? HA HA
Too funny!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole