Thank you Grace!!!!

Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU and shout out to my Step Mom – Grace!!
She made the first donation deposit into our dream account for the downpayment on our house at our donation site (!!!

Me and Grace at my bridal shower 2009

LDG Nicole


A few months back I posted that I had picked up some canvas because I had a vision I have been wanting to bring to life for quite some time. I had put off buying the canvas because it is a vision of something I wanted to make for myself and to hang in our home. Normally I use my art supply money to buy things I can make and sell or buy things I can make and give as gifts. So since this is a vision I want to make for myself.. it had been put on the back burner. That is until I got a gift card for Joann’s as a gift and thought to myself “this gift card is a gift for you.. so do something for yourself for a change.” So I did. And that is when I bought the canvas. The second hardest part is making the time to make something for myself ha ha. So today I told myself to get my butt in gear and get started on it…. So I did!
I came home and spent some time in the art dungeon bringing the canvas back from the dead.
I put the first layer of paint down and they are drying now. 
I will post what they are once they are all completed!! Will be some time from now.. but they are finally at least in the works and that makes this living dead girl smile!
Covered in Paint,
LDG Nicole

Zombie Head Props as a Google Chrome Browser!!!!!!!!!

My very talented friend, Quejera Boykins made this awesome Google Chrome Web Browser 
inspired by my zombie head creations!!!
Bring out your dead,
LDG Nicole

Happy Mom’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Lily Munster Moms out there!! 
Amongst The Web Of Beauty – Lily Munster/Yvonne DeCarlo Portrait
by Living Dead Girl Nicole
Eddie Munster: Boy, mom, you sure have a lot of recipies here. Cesar salad, beef Stroganoff, Napoleon brandy, Bloody Mary. 
Lily Munster: Yes Eddie, and at one time or another, they were all friends of the family. 

And in tribute to the memory of the most beautiful woman I have ever known.. 
I love you Mom..
Of Lilies and Remains,
LDG Nicole