May Monster Madness Date Night!

So I must say there is no better way to celebrate May Monster Madness then the date night I have tonight with my husband Frank. We are going to….


That’s right… I have been literally counting down the days for months and today is finally here!

Anyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE Repo the Genetic Opera fan and I also have a bit of an obsession with the circus and carnivals so this is just making me giddy with anticipation.
AHHH I can’t wait!!

Come back this week more monster related posts!
LDG Nicole
Check out the other Monsters participating in the Madness this week…..


Scream Queen

I made this hair clip as a part of my Dead Girl Massacre line. They are for the other horror movie maniacs out there like myself who want to sport it in their style! 

This regular size flower barrette is a tattered, bloody fun mess! It has a bloody rib cage complete with bloody murder weapon knife on top and bloody skeleton arms and legs coming out of the petals!! What more could your creepy little heart ask for!!

Rock it at the next horror convention, the next time you hit up a new horror flick at the movies.. or just every day to show off the Scream Queen that you really are!!

Get your hands on it in my Etsy Shop HERE!!

LDG Nicole



Went straight to Target after work to make it mine 🙂

LDG Nicole

Help Fitzgerald’s Realm Bring their Show to DVD!!

I have been a fan of Fitzgerald’s Realm since it was filmed for our local cable access channel right down the street from my house :). My Dad even got us tickets and took me to see one of the live tapeings back in the early 90’s.
I am proud to say I donated to this project as I would love to see what Ron brings to his show for DVD especially with a horror movie spin. And also because I have always been a supporter of his work. 
With Ron out in the hallway at FBW Horror Con
With Ron and one of his mistresses at Comicon
If you can please donate to this project!! 
Keep the magic alive!
LDG Nicole