Please help Karen Black beat cancer!


Karen Black’s husband has set up a Go Fund Me page as she has been battling cancer for quite some time now. There is special treatment available to her in Europe but will require a two month stay. Her husband is trying to get her there ASAP before she is too weak to travel. Some of you might not be able to afford to give and I understand because I was not able to give much myself. I have my own  page due to all the expenses that are racking up for me. I do believe in Karma and giving back. .Just remember that  spreading the word is also just as helpful as donating!! You can donate to Karen’s fund at

Stay Spooky, Giving and Healthy!
LDG Nicole

Living Dead School Girl Update


Well it’s been quite some time since I updated about my Desktop Publishing and Design schooling. Everything was put on hold when I went into the hospital. The good thing though as seen in my posts is that I am already using what I am learning and applying my skills as seen in the ads and event fliers I did for Immortality Entertainment, the band Axe Man’s Bridge and now what I am working on for the South Suburban Food Co-op. Since I don’t have alot of energy to be very active I thought it would be a good time to read the next chapter of my studies and I just submitted my first Indesign project for grading. It’s a project you have to follow step by step from your lesson guide as you learn the different parts of the program. You have to use specific sizes, margins, put photos and fonts in specific places etc. It’s not a free for all project but a very detailed one based on their precise requirements. The project you create as you read and follow along is submitted to the instructor to review and grade. Now I wait to see how I did. I was able to slowly do this from my couch taking breaks in between so I hope I did ok. I just can’t fall too behind or I will be super stressed playing catch up between school and work. It’s a risk I have to take submitting it when I am not 100% myself so we will see.

In the mean time I am still on medical leave recovering from my 2 surgeries and complications. I am still taking donations to help make ends meet at At this time I am not working and my medical leave is unpaid so every penny counts! If you can’t afford to donate please post and share the link with others!

It appears House of 1000 Corpses will be on IFC tonight.. I know what I will be doing the rest of the night.

Stay Spooky, Smart & Healthy!
LDG Nicole

Temporarily Closed Again!


This post is to inform everyone that Living Dead Girl Nicole is back in the hospital. As most of you have read on this news blog she had surgery at Rochester Methodist Hospital on January 18th and experienced complications. She was released on February 5th and finally returned home to IL on February 9th. On Tuesday February 26th she went to ER and was readmitted into a local hospital. Because of this her Etsy shop is temporarily closed and all custom/made to order items (including One Eyed Doll Merch and art prints) are temporarily on hold as well.

For more info about her surgery and/or to make a monetary donation please visit Nicole is on unpaid medical leave and now does not have the added income from the sale of her artwork so please spread the word by sharing this link with others. Every dollar and every bit of help counts!!

Surgery is scheduled!


I already posted this on my GoFundMe site but wanted to be sure I posted it here for my customers as well. I am officially scheduled for my surgery January 18th, 2013. I will be leaving for Mayo on January 16th and will be there until atleast January 23rd. After that it will be recovery time for me. I will be off of work until March 4th (tentatively). This is the “hopeful no complications time frame”. I will keep you posted as things get closer so that everyone is aware of the exact time frames that I won’t be able to take on new commission orders etc.
Stay Spooky and Healthy!
Your Gutless Girl – LDG Nicole