Baby Shower Gifting with art

All of you know of my love of owls and how I have a huge owl tattoo on my back in memory of my Mom. Well I could not have been more excited when my cousin Patrick told me his girlfriend Emily also loved owls and they decided to do their baby’s nursery in an owl themed motif.
When I got their baby shower invitation in the mail it had these adorable owls on it.
A green daddy owl, a purple mommy owl and a pink baby girl owl. Inspiration kicked in.
And these paintings were the result …
And well you can’t tell me your having a little girl and me not make her barrettes 🙂
So I also made these “inked decay” barrettes for the baby…
I can’t wait until she is born and has hair so I can see these tiny little feathers in it ha ha.
My phone took some lousy pictures at the shower because of the back lighting in the room but here are a few that I uploaded to Instagram..
These two are going to have such a beautiful baby!!
and then a great one of me and my cousin Patrick ..the daddy to be …
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


I love my husband 🙂
This just came in the mail today…
Happy belated birthday/valentine’s day to me!!
Well worth the wait for another pay day and being patient to see what he ordered for me!! 
LDG Nicole

Art.. the perfect gift…

Well I needed to wait until after Xmas to post this so it didn’t ruin gift related surprises.
My cousin Kevin contacted me earlier this month to commission me to draw a portrait of his mother in law that had passed. He wanted me to draw it so he could give it to his wife Lisa for Christmas. 
This is the finished portrait…
I got a lovely message from Lisa after she received it..
“Nicole I can’t tell you how awesome you are and how much I appreciate the picture. You captured my Mom’s spirit and I love it!”
I love when I get feed back from memorial portraits like this. It keeps me inspired to continue doing what I love by seeing how my work effects others and makes their lives a little brighter in a time of lose. 
I also had fun making Christmas Spider Ornaments this year for my immediate family and close family friends.
I am sure you can tell from my Muppet obsession why I chose these googly eyes! Are they not the cutest?!
My best friend Regina purchased some of my Dead Girl Decay Barrettes to give as gifts. Here is a picture of her daughter Mia rocking the Halloween inspired Dead Girl Decay she gave to her. 
I love that my art can bring Halloween out in others even during the Xmas season ha ha. 
And this is not art related but definitely horror move and Xmas related so I had to share. This is a photo of the awesome Xmas cards me and my husband sent out this year. The photo is of me and my husband Frank with Sid Haig in his complete clown makeup from one of the conventions we went to this year. As you all know Sid is one of our faves.. not only as an actor but as a friend.  
The cards said “Fried Chicken and Gasoline Love from The Garcia’s”
Hope everyone had a rocking Xmas! Now on to celebrate the new year.. 2012… the last year on earth. Everyone ready for the zombie apocalypse or what?
LDG Nicole

It Came From the Black Lagoon…..

So earlier this year my husband surprised me and brought home 4 original Aurora Universal Monster Models from the 60’s (Creature, Frankenstein, Dracula & Wolfman). A friend at work was selling them and he bought them right away on a steal. The problem with them is that the man who was selling them put them together and painted them when he was a little kid. Which meant taking the apart and redoing them completely.  
Us being Universal Monster Fans and having them themed out in our living room my husband thought this would be a great project for the 2 of us to work on and then display in our home. 
We decided to be generous. Since our friends Kenny and Jordan are HUGE Creature fans and have Creature memorabilia through out their entire home we decided that we would give them that model once we completed it. We decided to make that one our first project.
My husband carefully took the body apart with exacto knives and various tools. He also scrapped all the old dried up glue off of it.
He calls this picture Creature Sushi ha ha
We washed the pieces up and then my husband glued the model back together the way it was suppose to be. He left some of the smaller pieces off like the skeleton hand and tree so that I could paint those and he could glue them on when we were all done. 
Well I was nervous as I had never painted with model paint before but I give myself a nice pat on the back for  the way it came out. I tried to paint it as close to the pictures I found of the completed model online..

As we complete the other models I plan on posting them as well!
We gave the completed model to Kenny and Jordan on Sunday and they loved it. They invited us over for Walking Dead Premiere Dinner night.. and this is how they served the meat to us…
along with pasta salad and potatoes! 
Gotta love a zombie inspired meal with your creative friends! 
LDG Nicole

Congrats to Mike & Janet!

Two of our best friends, Mike & Janet had their wedding celebrations this weekend. They were married at the courthouse on August 20th and had a ceremony and reception on October 14th to celebrate with family and friends. It was absolutely beautiful and so memorable. 
Me and my husband Frank are so happy for the two of them….
The festivities were a beach theme so as a part of their gift  I made them a picture frame that went along with the theme. I put a funny photo of the two of them inside it for shits and giggles. They of course will replace that with a wedding photo but thought it would be funny to put it in there ha ha.
Janet asked that I make her wedding hair piece (so honored)…
 and the way the stylist did her hair it went so gorgeous amongst her golden waves..
 I decided that since it was a beach theme I would rock a sailor girl dress and my husband wore a Lucky 13 Anchor shirt. So I made myself a hair piece to go with the dress and match his shirt..
Me (yes I have bangs now haha) , Janet and our friend Rasha at the wedding
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Oeler!!
LDG Nicole

Cemetery Gates…

A new painting I did for my brother, Mike called Cemetery Gates. I did this painting in memory of our Mom but also a tribute to his strength and all that I admire about him and her. I gave it to him for his birthday and he’s already talking about it inspiring his next tattoo 🙂

The way we were,
The chance to save my soul…
And my concern is now in vain.
Believe the word,
I will unlock my door…
And pass the cemetery… gates
– Pantera

Love You Bro!

Michael the Champ!


Each year my nephew plays baseball for his town. This past summer his team won their championships. I took a lot of photos of from his games including the championship game so I came up with an idea to make him something as a part of his Christmas present. I ordered this plain wood baseball frame online.. filled it with photos from the championship season and decorated it with baseball stickers. I painted his name and 2010 Champs on the frame as well. He really liked it and told me he was going to hang it up in his bedroom next to his trophies. 🙂 Here is a photo I got of him with it when he opened it as well as a photo my brother took after he hung it up in his room for him…

We will rock you!
LDG Nicole