Freaky Fanatic Time!

One of my favorite things ever is getting Freaky Fanatic AKA Happy Customer photos!!
I love seeing how my customers rock my art on themselves,in their homes, cars, offices, you name it!
With that said check out 2 new Freaky Fanatic photos from the beautiful Caro (not only a returning customer but an amazing musician!! Read all about her HERE!)

Do you have photos of yourself or of places where you rock your Living Dead Girl art??? 
Do you have photos showing your love by rocking your Artwork by Living Dead Girl Merch, stickers, post cards, etc.?
Contact me HERE and I will give you info on where to send your pictures so you too can be featured on my site and the Freaky Fanatic slideshow!!
Keep Rockin’ It!
LDG Nicole

Eye For Me

Decided to make myself a little something and also decided to rock it today.
It’s a Purple and Lime Green Feather Flower barrette with an eyeball in the middle.
Want one? I am open for commission work!
do you have a picture rocking something I have made for you? Become a Freaky Fanatic!
Contact me HERE!
LDG Nicole

Returning Freaky Fanatic Rocks the Skullerfly Decay


Returning Freaky Fanatic and best friend Regina rocks the hot pink skullerfly barrette in her wavey hair!! Another great way to rock the Dead Girl Decay!!

Got a picture of yourself rocking a piece of my art work!?! If so contact me here to submit your photos and be featured on the site!!
LDG Nicole

Little Girls Make the Cutest Freaky Fanatics!


My Aunt Mary emailed me today to tell me she was on her computer and noticed that my little cousin Randi Lynne took it upon herself to take photos with their cell phone and upload them to their computer. They were photos of her rocking some of my Dead Girl Decay barrettes. These pics totally made my day. Not only is she absolutely adorable but she’s a great example of why my Dead Girl Decay is great for all ages!! I was quite honored to know she likes her barrettes this much too!!

Keep Rocking it Randi Lynne!
LDG Nicole

Another Freaky Fanatic – Emily !

Emily …another Freaky Fanatic proudly holds up her Dead Girl Decay Purple Skullerfly barrette that  she received as a Christmas gift!!!!

Emily is also an artist herself.. I have purchased many hand bags from her. Check out her awesome creations at Happy Hybrids!!
Do you have a Freaky Fanatic photo of you and a piece of my art work?? If so please contact me and you too can be featured like beautiful Emily here on my site!
Rock it!
LDG Nicole

Little Freaky Fanatics are all smiles!!


These photos were submitted to me for the Freaky Fanatics slideshow from a customer who commissioned me to make 2 barrettes for their niece’s birthdays. They were based on their favorite colors and favorite things (puppies and Hello Kitty)! These photos are the perfect example of why arts/crafts/homemade goodies make the greatest custom one of kind gifts and give the greatest smiles!!! Get your custom orders in and put a smile on someone’s face!! And in the mean time look at these adorable pics!!

Stinking Cute!
LDG Nicole

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na… Batman!!! Freaky Fanatic photos!


Early this fall I had posted that I made this fun Batman inspired hair barrette for my best friend, Regina‘s birthday. She is a HUGE Batman fan. Well you can’t see her gorgeous face but she sent me these photos of her hair all dolled up and the barrette beautifully displayed!! I love the fun ways people are using their barrettes I made them to do various styles in their hair!!!

To the Bat Cave,
LDG Nicole