Constance rocking the Dead Girl Skullerfly Decay

Came across this picture online and it made me smile. 
Check out Constance Hall’s hair. Yep she’s rocking the barrette I made for her inspired by her
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Freaky Fanatic Becca!

Special shout out and thanks to Becca Ermler who submitted this Freaky Fanatic Photo of herself and how she rocks her Dead Girl Skullerfly Decay!!!
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Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Adorable Freaky Fanatics

My best friend Regina sent me this beautiful photo of her 2 daughters wearing their Dead Girl Decay Barrettes…
Mia and Ava all dressed up and rocking the decay! 
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Freaky Fanatic Jenn rocks her Eye Frost Dead Girl Decay!

Check out this gorgeous Freaky Fanatic photo submission!!!!
I must say that Jenn  has the perfect blonde hair to rock
the blue and white Eye Frost Dead Girl Decay Barrette I made!
“Here I am showing off my sweet new flower! I ‘ve been getting compliments on it all day!” –  Jenn

Jenn and all the other Freaky Fanatics can be seen HERE in the Freak Fanatic slide show!
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LDG Nicole

Art.. the perfect gift…

Well I needed to wait until after Xmas to post this so it didn’t ruin gift related surprises.
My cousin Kevin contacted me earlier this month to commission me to draw a portrait of his mother in law that had passed. He wanted me to draw it so he could give it to his wife Lisa for Christmas. 
This is the finished portrait…
I got a lovely message from Lisa after she received it..
“Nicole I can’t tell you how awesome you are and how much I appreciate the picture. You captured my Mom’s spirit and I love it!”
I love when I get feed back from memorial portraits like this. It keeps me inspired to continue doing what I love by seeing how my work effects others and makes their lives a little brighter in a time of lose. 
I also had fun making Christmas Spider Ornaments this year for my immediate family and close family friends.
I am sure you can tell from my Muppet obsession why I chose these googly eyes! Are they not the cutest?!
My best friend Regina purchased some of my Dead Girl Decay Barrettes to give as gifts. Here is a picture of her daughter Mia rocking the Halloween inspired Dead Girl Decay she gave to her. 
I love that my art can bring Halloween out in others even during the Xmas season ha ha. 
And this is not art related but definitely horror move and Xmas related so I had to share. This is a photo of the awesome Xmas cards me and my husband sent out this year. The photo is of me and my husband Frank with Sid Haig in his complete clown makeup from one of the conventions we went to this year. As you all know Sid is one of our faves.. not only as an actor but as a friend.  
The cards said “Fried Chicken and Gasoline Love from The Garcia’s”
Hope everyone had a rocking Xmas! Now on to celebrate the new year.. 2012… the last year on earth. Everyone ready for the zombie apocalypse or what?
LDG Nicole

New Freaky Fanatic Photos!

This time last year I was commissioned to make a bridal hair piece for a wonderful customer named Cherina. She was getting married and the colors were black and purple. She wanted a black and purple feather hair piece with a skull on it. I posted the completed piece HERE!
Cherina was awesome enough to submit these stunning photos of her wearing the barrette at her wedding!!

Isn’t she a stunning bride!! And the black and purple just look amazing!! I always love seeing non traditional brides (like I was myself). So awesome. 
These photos are now a part of my Freaky Fanatic Slide show as well as the Dead Girl Decay Slide show!
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LDG Nicole

Baby Love!

Received more Freaky Fanatic AKA Happy Customer photos!!

Ariana received the rockstar baby shower corsage I made.

Her friend Caro commissioned me to make it for her.

Here are the awesome and beautiful  Freaky Fanatic photos of her rocking the corsage at her baby shower!!

Do you have photos of yourself or of places where you rock your Living Dead Girl art??? 

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Keep Rockin’ It!
LDG Nicole