Yesterday I had the honor of going to a photo shoot with my goddaughter Ava Nicole. She won a photo contest which the prize was the free photo shoot. When I saw the dress she was going to be wearing I couldn’t help but get inspired to make her a extra special barrette that she could wear on her photo day. 
I brought my new camera with me to her shoot to snap some photos of my own and edited them as well. I have fun editing photos and these are the end result. 

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Baby Shower Gifting with art

All of you know of my love of owls and how I have a huge owl tattoo on my back in memory of my Mom. Well I could not have been more excited when my cousin Patrick told me his girlfriend Emily also loved owls and they decided to do their baby’s nursery in an owl themed motif.
When I got their baby shower invitation in the mail it had these adorable owls on it.
A green daddy owl, a purple mommy owl and a pink baby girl owl. Inspiration kicked in.
And these paintings were the result …
And well you can’t tell me your having a little girl and me not make her barrettes 🙂
So I also made these “inked decay” barrettes for the baby…
I can’t wait until she is born and has hair so I can see these tiny little feathers in it ha ha.
My phone took some lousy pictures at the shower because of the back lighting in the room but here are a few that I uploaded to Instagram..
These two are going to have such a beautiful baby!!
and then a great one of me and my cousin Patrick ..the daddy to be …
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole