Temporarily Closed Again!


This post is to inform everyone that Living Dead Girl Nicole is back in the hospital. As most of you have read on this news blog she had surgery at Rochester Methodist Hospital on January 18th and experienced complications. She was released on February 5th and finally returned home to IL on February 9th. On Tuesday February 26th she went to ER and was readmitted into a local hospital. Because of this her Etsy shop is temporarily closed and all custom/made to order items (including One Eyed Doll Merch and art prints) are temporarily on hold as well.

For more info about her surgery and/or to make a monetary donation please visit http://www.gofundme.com/nicolen. Nicole is on unpaid medical leave and now does not have the added income from the sale of her artwork so please spread the word by sharing this link with others. Every dollar and every bit of help counts!!

Surgery is scheduled!


I already posted this on my GoFundMe site but wanted to be sure I posted it here for my customers as well. I am officially scheduled for my surgery January 18th, 2013. I will be leaving for Mayo on January 16th and will be there until atleast January 23rd. After that it will be recovery time for me. I will be off of work until March 4th (tentatively). This is the “hopeful no complications time frame”. I will keep you posted as things get closer so that everyone is aware of the exact time frames that I won’t be able to take on new commission orders etc.
Stay Spooky and Healthy!
Your Gutless Girl – LDG Nicole

Giving back to Mayo!


I just made my donation to the Mayo Clinic’s Discoveries 2013 research program. I was able to choose that my donation goes towards gastroenterology research. Without Mayo Clinic I would not have the answers that I have been searching 7 years for. Their research is what got me the answers I needed and I hope that it will help others suffering from gastrointestinal issues and diseases. 

If interested in donating please go here:

Every dollar of your tax-deductible gift goes to funding the lifesaving research, outstanding patient care and critical medical education our patients and their families will be counting on in 2013.

Stay Spooky and Supportive!
LDG Nicole

More Dr. Frankenstein in my future

Dr. C’s drawing of a normal colon and my colon when
explaining my condition to me.

As many of you know from my past posts that I have been dealing with digestive health issues for over the past 7 years. I recently had closed my Etsy shop temporarily in October because I had to take a trip to the Mayo Clinic. Since that appointment I was put on a medication for over a month that did not end up working. I am now set up with an appointment to go back to Mayo Clinic on December 18th to meet with a surgeon. It has finally come to the point that surgery is the best option for me. Because of 7 years of doctor opinions, many tests, medications and diet trials I have accumulated many bills and debt. With surgery in my future this is only going to get worse but I have decided to still move forward because my health is what is most important. I have decided to set up a GoFundMe page to ask for help. I am not begging for hand outs. I have been stressing for over 7 years only making my condition worse and I am trying to find ways to make surgery and recovery less stressful for me and my husband. I have been dealing with this for so long I am ready to move forward and start living again. Every penny, every dollar and every thought counts! If you would like to help out please visit my page to read more about my situation and make a monetary gift www.gofundme.com/nicolen. If you prefer the give something get a little something approach then please visit my Etsy shop and make a purchase. Whatever does not cover my supply costs will be used to help pay these expenses as well. Thank you to everyone in advance for your help during all of this. Once I have surgery scheduled I will post an update so everyone will know when I will be out of commission from custom art orders and when my Etsy shop will be put on “vacation mode” to be temporarily closed while I am in the hospital. Any orders for pre-made items during my recovery time will be shipped out by my husband so that we still can have the extra income from the orders that are placed.

Stay Spooky and Healthy!
LDG Nicole

Photos from Los Angeles Costume Swap

Check out these great photos Alivia from Los Angeles Costume Swap sent to me for last weekend’s event!
My donation prizes displayed on the event table
A pirate taking a liking to my donation prizes 🙂
The proud winner of my Zombie Braaains and Beauty Pin Up Girl Wall Hanging!
 Stay Spooky and Green!
LDG Nicole

More Info on the Los Angeles Costume Swap Event!


Please check out the Los Angeles Costume Swap’s website for an update on this weekend’s GMO Zombie Walk and costume swapping events!!Lots of great things to look forward to and participate in if you live in the area! Not only will you have a fun time but you will be helping a great cause as well! Make sure to dress in your best pirate or zombie outfit for a chance to win one of my donated prizes! And don’t forget to bring your costumes that you wish to donate to make this year a greener Halloween! More details HERE!

Stay Spooky and Supportive!
LDG Nicole

Photos from the Los Angeles Costume Swap Promotional Event

From my previous posts you all are aware that I was contacted by the Los Angeles Costume Swap  about my creations and have donated some of them for prizes for their event this year. I could not be more honored to be asked to use my work and I could not be more excited  to be a part of this all the way in Illinois!
Over the weekend they did some promoting for the event at the Mars Vista Farmers Market and they had my prize donations on display to show people what they could win.
Alvia Hunter who helps run the event emailed me to tell me “it was a huge hit! Kids and adults loved the wall hanging and barrette” and also sent me some great photos.
Here are some of the ones that Alivia sent to me!
Please be sure to check out the Los Angeles Costume Swap events page for more info!!! This is a GREAT cause and for Halloween!! What could be better then that!!
Stay Spooky & Green!
LDG Nicole
To see other causes and foundations I have helped with my art check out my Creations – Back Bone page of my site for a list and more photos!!