Kayla turns 17!


My niece Kayla turned 17 this weekend (yes I feel old now ha ha). For her birthday one of her gifts was a Dead Girl Decay Barrette I made for her. She wanted bright green with a skeleton hand. I added in the hot pink to make it pop even more. She really liked it and even put it in her hair right away when she opened it. Here is the picture I got of her for my Freaky Fanatic page 🙂

Birthday Love to Kayla!
LDG Nicole

Custom orders are so much fun!


Here are two custom orders I just finished today!! Just goes to show how custom items make unique gifts!! And a unique find to splurge on yourself! Still taking holiday orders this month so get them in!!! The sooner the better!!

Be unique!
LDG Nicole

Meow…Mrs Von D


Well in tribute of the LA Ink season finale I figured I would feature this portrait I drew of Kat Von D a few years back!! I have always admired Kat for her unique style and awesome down to earth fun personality. I think she is beyond stunning and a great example of how you can be a beautiful woman even if you are covered in the edginess of tattoos. And well as we all know that is right up my alley since I myself am heavily tattoo’d.

Back when I drew this Kat use to have an email address posted on her site and I emailed the picture to her and this was the response she sent me.

From: Kat Von D

Subject: fanart

To: “Nicole Birmingham”

Date: Monday, April 7, 2008, 10:57 PM

Hey Nicole,Thank you so much for the rad fanart. I love it!
Kat Von D

I remember the day I opened my email and my jaw dropped.. because I remember an episode of LA Ink back in the day where she was trying to make time in her schedule to answer her fan email so I knew it was a response from her. Now of course she uses Twitter to stay in touch with fans. But the awesome thing about it is that she makes the time for her fans!!

Do you also admire Mrs Kat Von D? Want a print of this portrait I did of her?? Well your in luck because prints are available in my Etsy shop HERE!!! 

And are you like Kat and love wearing gold???
Check out my golden Webbed decay hair barrette for sale HERE as well!!

Hollywood Babe!
LDG Nicole