Sparkly Spidey Sense


New Sparkly Spidey Sense Dead Girl Decay Barrettes!!

These flowers are made up of two tone petals with  sparkly spider centers!!

Check them out in my Etsy shop HERE and HERE!

Stay Spooky and Sparkly!
LDG Nicole

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like a Spider!


My Itsy Bitsy Lime Green & Black Dead Girl Decay Barrette is a part of a new Etsy Treasury called Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like a Spider! Check it out as well as all the other amazing spider inspired creations HERE!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

For The Dark Maiden

Looking for a unique gift to give that gothic goddess in your life?
Check out the
that features my

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

The Spider’s Den

features my
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

New Year… Time to Get Batty!!

I took some vacation time during the holidays but was still hard at work. 
I came up with a new line of Dead Girl Decay barrettes/pins I call Batty Burlesque.
I took rubber bats and painted them in various shades of glitter paint. 
I then attached different types of feathers to make large barrettes/pins with a burlesque feel. 
That’s right….. like my Dead Girl Webbed Decay these can be worn as either a barrette or a pin giving you 2 different accessories for your money!

You can purchase them in my Etsy shop – HERE!
LDG Nicole


Today is all around awesome because it is the 1st day of October. Which is the best month of the year. 13 years ago in October I started to date Frank. We first started talking in October and had our first date October 24th, 1998. It was our Homecoming dance our senior year of high school. Our 2nd date being Fright Fest the very next day. 
Homecoming 1998 – Our 1st Date 10-24-98
11 years later we were married on Halloween. 
Us at the courthouse 10-31-09
stabbing the cake at our Halloween themed wedding reception 11-7-09
This time of year has always been my favorite since I was a little girl and sharing so many wonderful milestones with my husband this time of year has made it that much more special. I can’t believe we will be together 13 years and married 2 this year. Lucky 13!!! Ha Ha! It makes my heart smile. 
On top of of all of this.. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With my Mom passing away from the disease it is also a time for me to not mourn about losing her but doing something to help raise awareness or support the cause. 
My beautiful Mom, Lynne
And with perfect timing my friends in Expired Empire are planning a benefit show. I will be donating a the PINK Dead Girl Webbed Decay barrette/pin as a prize.
Since it is Halloween weekend me and my husband will not be at the event because we will be out of town celebrating our anniversary but I am honored to do something to help make the event a success and raise money for the cause.
Happy October!
LDG Nicole

A Nightmare In the Garden Treasury

How romantic, strange and beautiful!! That is how I describe this new Nightmare on Etsy Team Treasury.
featuring my..
What grows in your garden???
LDG Nicole