Polka Dots and Cherries!

Check out my latest creation…
A retro style Dead Girl Inked Decay Barrette
Red and turquoise petals with white polka dots 
accented with red feathers and red cherries!
Buy it HERE!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Helllloooo Sailor!

Last year our close friends Mike and Janet got married and I posted about the barrette I made and wore on their special day. They had a beach themed wedding and I wore a sailor girl dress so I made an anchor barrette to go with it.
Living Dead Girl Nicole with friends Janet & Rasha on Janet’s big day!

Now whenever I wear that barrette I notice that I get a lot of compliments on it. Lucky for all of you out there that like the barrette….. I have more anchors (in both white and black) and decided to make some anchor, tattoo, polka dot, sailor girl barrettes for the Dead Girl Inked Decay section of my Etsy Shop.
Sail On Sailor Girls!!
LDG Nicole

New Polka Dot Goodness!

Three new items in my Etsy shop.. all made with some new polka dot flower petals I just got in stock!!
Check them out…
Lime Green and Purple Batty Dead Girl Decay Barrette – HERE!
Red and White Cherry Dead Girl Inked Decay HERE!!
Hot Pink and White Sparrow Dead Girl Decay Inked Decay HERE!
More new items coming soon!!
LDG Nicole

New Inked Decay

New Mini Inked Decay Barrette up for sale in my shop!! 
Check it out HERE!
Get More Wings!
LDG Nicole

Your Hair Rocks!!!

Does your hair rock?? Well your hair could really rock.. that is if you bought one of these rocking hair accessories done by the Inked Etsy team!! Check them out in this Rockin’ Hair Looks Treasury HERE!!
Two of my hair clips are featured in this treasury!!
Dead Girl Noose with Cherry on Top Inked Decay Barrette
Cherry Darling Inked Decay Barrette

Rock On Cherries!
LDG Nicole

Oh what a web I weave…


Despite my allergies freaking out on me this weekend.. I was able to make a couple new Dead Girl Webbed Decay Barrettes for my Etsy Shop. The green one is a barrette. It is made of feathers only. The pink one is a barrette and a pin like the other Webbed Decay I have listed or have sold in the past.

Check out all the Webbed Decay goodness

Dead Girl Webbed Decay – Green Barrette HERE!

Dead Girl Webbed Decay – Pink Barrette and Pin HERE!

I also have been wanting to make bow barrettes with special accents for the knots (I like to call them my nooses ha ha).. I made myself a cherry one and then also made one to put up for sale in my shop as well.

Dead Girl Noose/Ink Decay – Red and White Gingham with a Cherry On Top HERE!!

Get Caught!
LDG Nicole

West Memphis Three Benefit Success!


A huge thank you to those of you that came out or donated!! The benefit was a huge success and the concert  was amazing!! Here is a slideshow of photos I got from the event!! And yes the last one is my husband wearing his Dr Satan mask standing next to Stitch from Mushroomhead!! 🙂

I also posted a few videos on my YouTube Channel but the sound is lousy cause I was using my digital camera and I was literally right by Mushroomhead’s speaker which was right in front of the stage. But you can still see how awesome the show was visually.

Keep fighting the good fight!
LDG Nicole