Why Can’t Everything Be Blue?


How fun is this Etsy Treasury? Not only does it feature my Blue Batty Burlesque Dead Girl Decay barrette but it features alot of fun various and unique blue items on Etsy!

Check it out HERE!

Stay Spooky and buy something blue!
LDG Nicole

Everyday is Halloween…

is featuring my 
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

New Year… Time to Get Batty!!

I took some vacation time during the holidays but was still hard at work. 
I came up with a new line of Dead Girl Decay barrettes/pins I call Batty Burlesque.
I took rubber bats and painted them in various shades of glitter paint. 
I then attached different types of feathers to make large barrettes/pins with a burlesque feel. 
That’s right….. like my Dead Girl Webbed Decay these can be worn as either a barrette or a pin giving you 2 different accessories for your money!

You can purchase them in my Etsy shop – HERE!
LDG Nicole