Went and saw Mushroomhead again last night. I brought my new camera with me and took some great shots OF them and WITH them.
Here are the end results of a great night, kick ass show and fun with photo editing…
This one my husband Frank took with the phone and it didn’t come out too clear but had to post this AWESOME shirt I had to have the minute I saw it!
Check out Mushroomhead on their tour.. they never disappoint. You will thank me later!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Expired Empire Merch!

My friends are in the band Expired Empire. Last night the bassist, Strazz and his girlfriend (also my long time best friend) Regina had me and my husband Frank over for dinner. Afterwards we made hats for the band’s merch table as they are booking a lot more shows and have been asked by fans when merch will be available. These hats are just the beginning of unique, artistic hand made items the band will be offering at their shows as well as online.

In the mean time if you are interested in purchasing a one of kind Expired Empire hat you can contact the band directly through the following sites or attend one of their shows…

The best thing about the hand made merch is that no 2 will ever be the same so your item will be unique and one of a kind. And not only do you get something you can rock out in but you are supporting the local rock and artist scene when you purchase hand made merch! Which is just way cooler than going store bought.

Support your rock and artist scene and cover your skull!
LDG Nicole