Sorry We’re Dead Officially (for now) ;) and parabellum’s Reverbnation is Born!


My Etsy Shop is officially on “vacation mode” as of today. If you go to my Etsy Shop you will see the following message…….

The owner of LivingDeadGirlNicole is on vacation. 
Artist Living Dead Girl Nicole is currently on medical leave!!!

I will be having surgery that will be taking place out of town at the Rochester Methodist Hospital (a part of the Mayo Clinic) on January 18th. I will be out of town and starting my medical leave as of January 16th.

Due to this I have put all custom/made to order items and commission requests on hold for the time being.

My Etsy shop will be on vacation mode starting January 11th as I will not be able to ship pre- made items in my shop as of that date. It will reopen around February 1st and my husband will be helping me ship out already made item orders until I am fully recovered. We are reopening the shop while I am still on medical leave because the money from the sales of my shop and art will be my only contribution to our household income during my leave from my full time job.

I appreciate your time and patience during this matter and will be in contact with anyone that reaches out to me as soon as I am able to.

For more info about my surgery and/or to make a monetary donation please visit Please also feel free to spread the word by sharing the link with others! Every bit of help counts!!

ALSO…..parabellum (my husband’s band) now has their own Reverbnation page!! So make sure you check them out! The page is new so they don’t have a lot on there right now but I  actually went to their last practice and did some photos of their instruments and of them rocking out so there is alot more to come!! Make sure you become a fan and spread the word!!

Blog Design!

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Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

A Grave Understanding ……

I was recently contacted by Gaby who is a lovely returning customer. She was looking for someone who she felt could pull off making her a custom Corpse Bride hair barrette. 
As most of you know I admire and am inspired by Tim Burton so I was incredibly happy that she contacted me to do this piece. My best friend Regina who was also one of my maid of honors actually designed Corpse Bride Invites for my Wedding Shower because they were so appropriate for me. So on top of getting a custom order (which you all know I love) I was stoked about the inspiration for the piece.
She wanted it to be a blue rose with babies breath type small mini flowers to accent it. She also wanted an image of the Corpse Bride incorporated into it. I came up with the idea to add a little bit of white tulle to give it that “bride” touch. 
I got various shades of blue roses in the mail but there was nothing special about the way they looked together. They looked like just another blue rose of various shades and because of that they didn’t have the Corpse Bride feel I was going for. 
And then it dawned on me.. why not paint the petals to give them the look they should have??!!! And that’s exactly what I did. I have never actually painted the petals on any of my Dead Girl Decay accessories besides the “bloody” ones so this was a lot of fun to do and I was so happy with the results. And the coolest part is that the customer will truly have a one of a kind piece! 

“If I touch a burning candle, I can feel no pain. In the ice or in the sun, it’s all the same. Yet I feel my heart is aching; thou it doesn’t beat, it’s breaking; and the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it’s not real. I know that I am dead; yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed.” – The Corpse Bride

More May Monster Madness – New Harley Davidson Biker Zombie!!!

I thought this week was a great time to share one of my new monstrous creations..

I have been working on this for a while now and it is finally complete. 

This is a Zombie Biker Head I was commissioned to do for a Harley Davidson Club in Germany!!

LDG Nicole

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