Art Heals

I turn 31 this Sunday Feb 12th (same birthday as the lovely Christina Ricci – who I have drawn cause I adore her. You can see it HERE) and I started my celebrating last night with a new tattoo (yes I still have room for more ha ha). This tattoo is very symbolic for me and I had fun coming up with the concept for it. My tattoo artist Ken Culver was the one that brought it to life for me.

This tattoo represents how art has always been my release, my escape from the real world, my passion and my savior. Even as a child, art is what got me through so many of the fast, curve balls life threw my direction.  Art not only got me through a lot of pain but it also kept me passionate and made me feel I was worth something. I am blessed to have been given a talent that has a healing type of power that comes along with it. I really feel it is what has kept me sane (well depending on how you define sane. He He). I am very happy to have gotten this tattoo as I venture into saying “in my 30’s”. It’s a reminder of where I have come from, who I am and what has helped me get here. It is a reminder that when life gives you lemons…. color them!

Art Heals – Crayon Tattoo on Living Dead Girl Nicole’s lower arm
Tattoo Artist – Ken Culver
And now for the festivities this weekend 😉 ..including my friends band opening up for the band Soil and the a Walking Dead season premiere dinner with friends.
LDG Nicole

An Artist Kind of Christmas


I am not going to come on here and boast about what I got for Christmas.. but I do want to share some of the art related items I received since this site is all about my art.

From my Mother in Law Judy .. I FINALLY am a happy Cricut owner!! I scrapbook all the time and have been wanting one of these things ever since they first came out and were only available to order from an infomercial ha ha!! This is a picture of when I got it home and opened it and experimented with it for the first time.. I made a little I love you Frank with a moon for my husband as a experiment to see how it all works! I freaking love it!

Then another awesome gift came from my Dad and my Step Mom Grace. My Dad made me a scrapbook he titled “Nicole’s 1st Portfolio”. When you open it up the pages are filled with artwork I did from my childhood that my Dad has held on to all these years. There were even a couple of my winning coloring contests including one I did to win Circus tickets ha ha. I have always had a fascination with the circus, and would always enter coloring contests to win tickets so I could go ha ha. There were also pictures when I was chosen as Artist of the Week in 1st grade when I drew a Jack O Lantern with a Witch and a Pumpkin. 
Here are a couple shots of the awesome book (I only took a couple shots because there are quite a few pages in the book) .. this has got to be one of the coolest gifts I have ever gotten..

My brother Mike, Sister In Law Melissa and the kids got me this awesome Art Bin!!! It was on my wish list and something I need so badly to keep all my Dead Girl Decay supplies organized!!
With that I end this Christmas blog note with a shot out for this amazing nativity universal monster painting posted on Frankensteinia that I am now completely ga ga over!!! 

Rocking Good Xmas!
LDG Nicole

Mistress of the Dark…….

After posting my last post I thought I would reminisce about some of my other pieces I have done. I figure since this is a brand new art site for me (all my older update posts from my old site are deleted) that every once in a while I would do this. Sort of explain what inspired some of my older pieces.
Well this post is inspired by my profile quote “When other little girls wanted to be ballerinas.. I wanted to be Elvira..” And then I went through some of my old photos to find some hilarious proof of it……
Here is me approximately 20 years ago on Halloween ha ha I was about 8 or 9 years old here……
When me and my husband met Elvira 2 years ago I told her about this costume…. I told her about how I wanted to be like her when I was little and when Halloween came up I insisted on being the “queen of Halloween”. I also told her how my Mom refused to let me put the infamous slit in my dress or cut a v int he neck of the dress “cause I was too young”. She totally got a kick out of it. She was absolutely everything I had hoped she would be and then some!! She was a complete sweetheart and still looked absolutely stunning!!!
When I met her I gave her a framed portrait I had drawn of her.. She looked at me and was like “Wow THIS is REALLY good!!!” and told me she would add it to her Wall of Shame (for those of you who are not big Elvira followers that is her wall in her home that she loves and hangs up all the awesome fan art and things that people make for her).
Me and my husband took a photo with her but then she insisted we also take one with the portrait as well which I thought was so awesome of her..
My husband Frank and I when we met Elvira FBW 2008
Elvira signing her photo for me
Me with Elvira at FBW – giving her the original portrait that I drew of her
I want to meet her again to show her my tattoo that I added to my sleeve since our last meeting…

It reminds me not only of my love of her all these years or my insane obsession with Halloween, but also that you can be a dark, sexy, funny and memorable goddess all the years of your life!

All hail the “queen” that is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!!!!!!

Me with the Elvira pumpkin I carved in 2008 ass seen at
And I leave you with my all time favorite quote of hers
“If this makes anyone in the audience feel sick, put your head between your knees and enjoy yourselves!”
Seriously.. how can you not love this woman???!!!!
Yours Cruelly,
LDG Nicole

What’s This? What’s This??


Searching through my old portfolio I came across some drawings that I did when I was a kid. And realized when my obsession with Tim Burton truly began…it’s funny how some people grew to like his work now but I have admired him since back when it was “weird” to like his work as a young girl.

Along with the childhood sketches were all the newspaper clippings from when the Nightmare Before Christmas came out in the theater. Back then it was really hard to find things NBC so I remember these clippings meaning the world to me. I would sit and try to draw the characters from them for hours.

I remember being in awe that the entire NBC movie was in clay animation and thought “wow.. what an amazing artist he is ….to be able to take something dark and make it so mesmerizing and beautiful…I want to be like that one day!!” It put my world into a whole new perspective. It inspired me to be me!

My Dad knew how much the movie inspired me and bought me a t-shirt he found (cause back then they didn’t make them in every color, shape and size ha ha) and I adored it. I remember people actually asking me what it was ha ha. As I got older I would search more and more for his art work and watch his movies.. and just genuinely admire everything about them.

People often hear me refer to him as “Pure Genius!!”.

I drew this picture of him and Jack last year and I called it “What Nightmares Are Made Of”.. It’s funny to see how my art was inspired by him as a child and now as an adult…

Here’s to finding these childhood sketches and newspaper clippings… and for always being able to find the beauty in the darkness!

Love & Skulls,
LDG Nicole