Went and saw Mushroomhead again last night. I brought my new camera with me and took some great shots OF them and WITH them.
Here are the end results of a great night, kick ass show and fun with photo editing…
This one my husband Frank took with the phone and it didn’t come out too clear but had to post this AWESOME shirt I had to have the minute I saw it!
Check out Mushroomhead on their tour.. they never disappoint. You will thank me later!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Help Fitzgerald’s Realm Bring their Show to DVD!!

I have been a fan of Fitzgerald’s Realm since it was filmed for our local cable access channel right down the street from my house :). My Dad even got us tickets and took me to see one of the live tapeings back in the early 90’s.
I am proud to say I donated to this project as I would love to see what Ron brings to his show for DVD especially with a horror movie spin. And also because I have always been a supporter of his work. 
With Ron out in the hallway at FBW Horror Con
With Ron and one of his mistresses at Comicon
If you can please donate to this project!! 
Keep the magic alive!
LDG Nicole

Please vote for Sid TODAY!!

Please vote for one of my favorite icons and friends… 
Sid Haig!

Reposting from the words of Suzi..

The Fresno Bee newspaper is having this contest to see who is the most popular Fresno/San Joaquin Valley native, and Sid is a candidate!

Go here to see the story and who’s matched against whom. (Game chart can be enlarged)

Go here to see how the contest works and to register to vote.  (Contest can be played on Facebook also)

He ain’t running for Prez this time, but you can still cast your vote in 2012 for Sid Haig!  Thanks everyone!  =)

*Voting for round one ends this Sunday at 8PM Pacific!*
(There will be 5 more rounds and the contest ends March 29th and we’ll be keeping this thread updated) 

LDG Nicole!

Kimberly One Eyed Doll Dead Girl Decay

From my previous post about One Eyed Doll  I had mentioned how I had promised the lead singer that I would make her a one of a kind Dead Girl Decay “Kimberly” inspired barrette for her. 

After finding out from the message boards that her favorite color is “RAINBOOOoOoooOOOWS!” (see why I love this woman ha ha) I decided this barrette needed to be bright and colorful. And after seeing her in all her glittery glory I made sure to add some glitter to it as well. 
me and Kimberly of One Eyed Doll in all her glitterly doll glory
This is the first Dead Girl Decay barrette I have made with a realistic looking eye (instead of the usual cartoonish, blood shot ones I normally use) so I could choose a color that was closest that I had to Kimberly’s doll like eyes…

isn’t she a doll!
I added a realistic eyelash to the bottom to replicate their band logo.

and TA DA…..
I am gonna get this sent off in the mail this week so when they get back from tour it’s there waiting for her in Texas! 

If you have not already checked out this amazing band check them out at

Stir Stir Stir The Rice….
LDG Nicole