Kimberly One Eyed Doll Dead Girl Decay

From my previous post about One Eyed Doll  I had mentioned how I had promised the lead singer that I would make her a one of a kind Dead Girl Decay “Kimberly” inspired barrette for her. 

After finding out from the message boards that her favorite color is “RAINBOOOoOoooOOOWS!” (see why I love this woman ha ha) I decided this barrette needed to be bright and colorful. And after seeing her in all her glittery glory I made sure to add some glitter to it as well. 
me and Kimberly of One Eyed Doll in all her glitterly doll glory
This is the first Dead Girl Decay barrette I have made with a realistic looking eye (instead of the usual cartoonish, blood shot ones I normally use) so I could choose a color that was closest that I had to Kimberly’s doll like eyes…

isn’t she a doll!
I added a realistic eyelash to the bottom to replicate their band logo.

and TA DA…..
I am gonna get this sent off in the mail this week so when they get back from tour it’s there waiting for her in Texas! 

If you have not already checked out this amazing band check them out at

Stir Stir Stir The Rice….
LDG Nicole

Aqua Teen Hunger Force for BRAIIIIINS!!!


Me and my husband have always been huge Adult Swim fans. We even had show tunes from Adult Swim shows played during dinner in between horror movie theme songs at our wedding reception. Our friend Mike AKA Strazz is also a big fan and was turning 30 last week. He is especially a big fan of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I got to talking to his girlfriend who is also my best friend, Regina about making him a mini zombie head for his birthday (he also likes zombies). It was going to be from us and Regina so I wanted her input on what I should do and she came up with a great idea… make the zombie head of Carl!! Well I made it happen and we gave it to him at his surprise birthday party last weekend. He is determined now to get me to make all the characters as zombies ha ha..

Here is Carl….

And the birthday boy, Strazz with Carl!!

Shake Zula,
LDG Nicole

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

In my kitchen this morning before heading
off to work 🙂 he he

Well with Halloween this weekend.. we had the option of dressing up at the office today. Money being tight I decided to pull my costume out from last year from when I dressed as Lydia Deetz (despite the wig it’s also really comfy) . Last year I didn’t dress up at work cause I had wedding on the brain.. I only wore it for a party so my co-workers have never seen it. I didn’t enter the costume contest at work although I wish I had… cause the person who came in 3rd was dressed as Beetlejuice ha ha. But everyone at work loved it and it got me even more in the Halloween spirit for this weekend!!

Unfortunately my Count Pumpkin took 2nd place in the pumpkin decorating contest. I was grateful to take 2nd place despite the 1st place winner using an idea that has been plastered all over the internet for years. Everyone kept telling me all day how mine should have won because it was original. So that was nice to hear. 2nd place still landed me a $35 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings though! So me and the hubby will be grubbing sometime this weekend to celebrate.

I have always been a Halloween freak. I have so many awesome memories of my Mom and her best friend Jackie dressing me up in fun costumes. The best part is I always had a part in picking out what I wanted to be.. who I wanted to be and loved every minute of it. My Dad use to take part in the Halloween fun as well. He would get into Halloween and dress up as characters and sit out side on his front porch for the trick or treaters. One of my faves he did was actually Beetlejuice. He even dressed as McDonald’s Mac Tonight and got on his roof and danced and sang for the trick or treaters. He also use to take me to Boo at the Zoo every year as well.

As I have gotten older Halloween “time” has become more and more special to me.

Tieing the knot last year at the Courthouse Halloween morning 2009

Sunday is not only Halloween but mine and my husband Frank’s 1 year wedding anniversary!! Last weekend marked 12 years from our 1st date 🙂 which was our Homecoming dance our senior year of high school. Our 2nd date was Fright Fest at Great America haha. Next Sunday on 11/7 we mark the official 12 years of being an official couple! Ever since I was a little kid I have just loved this time of year!! Which of course makes it even more awesome that me and my husband started to date during this time of year. It was like it was meant to be. And getting married on Halloween last year was unforgettable and couldn’t have been more “us”. Every year when fall comes around and the leaves start changing I have so many wonderful memories to look back on and so many to continue to look forward to. On top of everything it has also inspired me in  my art work as well!! So when you look at my art pieces remember the artist is that little girl who obsessed over Halloween and never let it go! ha ha!

Ghost With The Most,
LDG Nicole

Nothing a good knife can’t create!


Over the weekend we had a few friends over for annual pumpkin carving and pumpkin ale night. I really wanted to carve a Lily Munster pumpkin (seeing I adore her) but there are no stencils online to do it. So I took it upon myself to create my own from some images online that I put in Paint and then edited them to be somewhat like a stencil. I was very pleased with the results!!

My husband Frank has a large tall pumpkin which he decided was perfect to make of Herman Munster and decided to carve him out to match mine. He was lucky enough to find a stencil on the Zombie Pumpkins website. 

We have some crazy storms coming through here tonight.. so most likely once the weather calms down I can get a nice picture of the two of them side by side on our porch.

Take a stab at it!
LDG Nicole