Please help Karen Black beat cancer!


Karen Black’s husband has set up a Go Fund Me page as she has been battling cancer for quite some time now. There is special treatment available to her in Europe but will require a two month stay. Her husband is trying to get her there ASAP before she is too weak to travel. Some of you might not be able to afford to give and I understand because I was not able to give much myself. I have my own  page due to all the expenses that are racking up for me. I do believe in Karma and giving back. .Just remember that  spreading the word is also just as helpful as donating!! You can donate to Karen’s fund at

Stay Spooky, Giving and Healthy!
LDG Nicole

Breast Cancer "Wear Pink" To Show Your Support Day


Today is “wear pink to show your support for breast cancer awareness” day. And as most of you know my Mom passed away from the disease and I recently made a barrette for myself to wear in her honor. So what better day then today to rock it!! I threw my hair up on top of my head and did a fun messy look and added the clip.. threw on a pink shirt and a owl necklace (my Mom adored them hence the owl in the barrette and the owl necklace) and headed to work!! Such a simple way to let others suffering from the disease or surviving from the disease know that I support them!! And a wonderful way to remind myself that my Mom is still with me and how proud I am to honor all that she is to me and always will be.

Please note these photos were taken in my kitchen with my iphone so they don’t do the barrette justice.. to see a really clear photo of the barrette go HERE!!!

For the Fight!
LDG Nicole

P.S. October 27th is support domestic violence awareness by wearing purple!! Please take the time to do this simple task to show the victims that we support them!!  

R.I.P. Dead Girl Decay


I am always making stuff for other people, so I decided to make myself a little something. With Breast Cancer awareness month being in October, I decided that I wanted to make a tribute barrette in memory of my Mom who passed away from the disease. So I made this pink flower/feather hair barrette. On top of it my Mom used to always tell me I looked good in pink ha ha so it has a double meaning. I put a sparkly pink owl on it because my Mom loved owls. Every time I see an owl I think of her. I really love the way it turned out and can not wait to wear it in her honor.

Think Pink!
LDG Nicole

Uma helping to find a cure!


I have always admired Uma Thurman. Such a uniquely beautiful woman. So amazing that Quentin Tarantino has been known to call her his muse!

When I was in high school and I heard that Uma was going to play Poison Ivy in the Batman and Robin film I was beyond stoked. Poison Ivy happens to be my fave comic book vixen and Uma one of my favorite actresses. And when I saw the movie I was definitely not disappointed! I drew this color portrait of Uma as Poison Ivy a few years back because I think she was amazing in the role.  
But what made me post this flashback art piece was a recent article I just read about Uma. This article made me adore her even more.. Uma is teaming up with Sak’s to do a fundraising event to help find the cure for breast cancer. 100% of the sales of this $35 shirt will go to breast cancer research!! How often do you hear 100%??!!! They will be on sale this October. As I have posted in the past.. breast cancer hits home for me as I lost my Mother to this disease and have watched many other loved ones be affected by it as well!! 
Hats off to Uma for being a celebrity willing to use her stardom to make a change. Yet another reason to admire a woman so beautiful on the inside and out!
To read the full article visit this site ..