a break from reality

Here’s to escaping reality and losing yourself in the wilderness.
Camping, lobster tail, CAKE, canoes, fighting off raccoons in tents, bath salt bites, drinks, songs around the campfire, surprise sugar skull gifts, skipping stones the size of your head, free minnow pedicures, bald eagles, creepy Ravelli look a likes on bikes, feeding huge spiders mothras, glory holes, “is that real” shower experiences, air mattresses in the air, big boy breakfasts and good times with friends! 
Had to laugh that the minute I got there my friend Frenchie moved the hatchet away from me and said “I think I am gonna move this away from Nicole” ha ha. Am I the Jason Voorhees of the group? ha ha
Had a wonderful time this past weekend escaping the “every day is exactly the same” routine. A much needed trip for me and Frank! Can’t wait for next year!
I am officially back home and back in business!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole