Photos from the Los Angeles Costume Swap Promotional Event

From my previous posts you all are aware that I was contacted by the Los Angeles Costume Swap  about my creations and have donated some of them for prizes for their event this year. I could not be more honored to be asked to use my work and I could not be more excited  to be a part of this all the way in Illinois!
Over the weekend they did some promoting for the event at the Mars Vista Farmers Market and they had my prize donations on display to show people what they could win.
Alvia Hunter who helps run the event emailed me to tell me “it was a huge hit! Kids and adults loved the wall hanging and barrette” and also sent me some great photos.
Here are some of the ones that Alivia sent to me!
Please be sure to check out the Los Angeles Costume Swap events page for more info!!! This is a GREAT cause and for Halloween!! What could be better then that!!
Stay Spooky & Green!
LDG Nicole
To see other causes and foundations I have helped with my art check out my Creations – Back Bone page of my site for a list and more photos!!

Shadows of Gothness #34

is featuring my
and my
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

A Corpse Kind of Week

Check out the 17th edition of Shadows of Gothness Treasuries on Etsy.
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LDG Nicole

She Can’t Be Quarantined….

When you look at her face you just know she can’t be quarantined… 

..and good luck to the one who tries  🙂
This is my latest creation. 
A new Beauty & Brains Zombie Wall Hanging that is also a deranged mental nurse.
She has cold grey rotting, bloody flesh
2 green, bloody infested eyes 
Bloody, slimey bandages and face mask
frizzy, stringy out of control auburn hair
 You can purchase her in my Etsy shop HERE!!

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