It’s time to walk amongst the undead….

Today is officially Blogger Zombie Walk Day!
As a participate I decided today would be the best day to reveal my 2 latest zombie creations. 
I was commissioned by a customer to make 2 life size custom zombie heads their friend’s wedding anniversary. Since the couple is big on Halloween he thought these would be the perfect unique gift for his friends. I was given some info on their characteristics and what colors to go with as well as the husband liking hockey and went at it.

The female zombie.. complete with lipstick, eye shadow, long eye lashes, earrings and long hair!

The male hockey fan complete with hockey puck in the eye and rotting flesh growing over it. 

A big shout out to the love of my life.. my husband Frank for drilling away the eye socket of the skull to make the hockey puck in the eye possible! 
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For those of you interested in having a custom zombie head of your own contact me HERE
And the blogger zombie walk would not be complete without a shout out to the king of the un dead himself.. 
George Romero!!
Me with George Romero when I gave him the custom zombie head I made of him!
Enjoy the rest of your zombie blogger walk today!
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