New Q & A Living Dead Girl Nicole Feature Interview on It’s On Random!!!

I am very excited to say I was asked to do another Q&A Feature interview! 
It was with It’s On Random and was posted today on their site.
Please go HERE and read the featured interview 
and don’t forget to give the site some comment love for featuring me!!! 
LDG Nicole


A very special thank you to JennyB AKA Jenny Krueger AKA Memoirs of a Scream Queen who chose me as one of her 5 blogs to receive the Liebster Blog Award!

This award however is not your typical award. You of course need to thank the person who gave it to you with a link to their blog, then you give the award to 5 blogs who have less then 200 hundred followers that way their able to get some more recognition and followers. Here are the blogs that I love to read and I know they definitely deserve more readers 

I love making people scream :)


I was just given the “You Make Me Scream!” horror related blog award from the lovely Memoirs of a Scream Queen. Tell me this isn’t the best blog award ever!! For real!!

Well the rules are as follows…
“You make me SCREAM!!” award. The rules for the award is as followed, thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog, then give this award to 10 blogs that make you want to SCREAM!! for joy. The blogs that make you SCREAM!! with excitement every time you see that they updated their blog. If we’re lucky this award will help us spread the fear and love for all things horror! I would like to give this award to…….

My list in no particular order…….

Rob Zombie –

Etsy Dark Team –

Custom Zombie’s Undead Ramblings –

Frankensteinia –

Monster Beauty –

Adorably Dead –

Creepy Creations –

Dark Destinations –

Day of the Woman –

A Gory Place –

Enjoy and please return the screaming!!!
LDG Nicole

I’m Late, I’m Late.. for a dinner date of BRAINS!!!


I just won the Zombie Rabbit award from JennyBy over at Memoirs of a Scream Queen!!  Anyone that knows me knows I appreciate the likings of a Scream Queen anywher. Her page is a great little site filled with horror goodness.. which everyone should defintiely check out!

With this award comes the fun of passing it on to some deserving blogs so I decided to keep them to the horror or dark art genre.. it is a zombie rabbit after all…..

I am giving this award to [10] of my favorite blogs and places i believe need some well deserved attention. *If we are not careful there will be “Zombie Rabbits” everywhere…”

So, here is my list of 10 recipients in no particular order…

Enjoy you infested bunnies!!!

LDG Nicole