Art Heals

I turn 31 this Sunday Feb 12th (same birthday as the lovely Christina Ricci – who I have drawn cause I adore her. You can see it HERE) and I started my celebrating last night with a new tattoo (yes I still have room for more ha ha). This tattoo is very symbolic for me and I had fun coming up with the concept for it. My tattoo artist Ken Culver was the one that brought it to life for me.

This tattoo represents how art has always been my release, my escape from the real world, my passion and my savior. Even as a child, art is what got me through so many of the fast, curve balls life threw my direction.  Art not only got me through a lot of pain but it also kept me passionate and made me feel I was worth something. I am blessed to have been given a talent that has a healing type of power that comes along with it. I really feel it is what has kept me sane (well depending on how you define sane. He He). I am very happy to have gotten this tattoo as I venture into saying “in my 30’s”. It’s a reminder of where I have come from, who I am and what has helped me get here. It is a reminder that when life gives you lemons…. color them!

Art Heals – Crayon Tattoo on Living Dead Girl Nicole’s lower arm
Tattoo Artist – Ken Culver
And now for the festivities this weekend 😉 ..including my friends band opening up for the band Soil and the a Walking Dead season premiere dinner with friends.
LDG Nicole

Dungeon Constructions Part 3

I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have enough working space in my art room AKA dungeon ha ha. I had moved my art stuff from our basement into our spare room after we had gotten a little bit of water in the basement after a TON of rain. I thought better safe then sorry even if nothing was damaged and we didn’t get that much water in the basement. I just have way too much to lose to something like that if it were to be worse. I didn’t have as much space in the spare room as I did in the basement and have to be a tad neater since I have carpet in this room unlike the cold cement basement floor that doesn’t mind the occasional drips of paint left on it. So I decided it was time to rearrange. I took anything that was being store in the spare room and went through it. Throwing things away and moving things to boxes etc. I got very lucky that Walmart was selling a 6ft foldable card table for only $35 online. We went and picked it up today and I totally rearranged everything in the spare room AKA my art room. I can not be happier. Soooo much more work space. The card table alone makes so much of a difference. I have more working space to paint, draw, create zombie messes and dead girl decay. I even have space now for my many supplies.
And with that said this living dead girl is very happy and very inspired to create!!
LDG Nicole

Out With The Old.. In With The New!!!

Just got some updated stock of supplies for future Dead Girl Decay items!!
So what does that mean for you guys?
1.) NEW STUFF!! Lots of new items will become available in my shop very soon!
2.) SALE!!! The Slasher Sale Section of my shop has been updated to get rid of old items to make room for new ones!! Which means any items that were in there have been slashed even more.. and a few new items have been added!! So go check it out HERE! Also.. I have reduced the price by $5 on all of my Til Death Wedding Accessories! You can check those out HERE!!
Happy Shopping!
LDG Nicole

Under Construction

Well I have decided to take a part the art dungeon in my basement and move it back to the spare room upstairs in my town home. It is just too risky to have my supplies down there with the chance of getting water in the basement. We normally only get a little bit of water down there from time to time.. but last weekend the drain got clogged in the basement floor and while we were sleeping it rained.. and well the water wouldn’t go down so instead it went all over the basement floor. Luckily nothing important was ruined in my supplies or storage cabinets, but a lot of my boxes I had saved for shipping out orders was. So to play it safe I started to gradually move things back upstairs and it has been alot of work. You don’t realize how much art supplies you have until you have to move them up 2 flights of stairs ha ha. The table I normally do my art on is staying in the basement for get together when we have people over and my husband got me a desk from his cousin to bring upstairs that I can work on now. I plan on having it all complete by this weekend. Then I will christen the new art room by creating the 3 custom orders I just received! YAY!
LDG Nicole