Custom 8×10 Portrait Listing

I have made an official listing on Etsy for customers who wish to have me do custom portraits for them.
It can be found HERE!
To see portraits I have done in the past check out my page called FACES!
LDG Nicole

Memorial Portraits…

Memorial portraits are a great tribute to those who have passed and also make a great sentimental meaningful gift. To see some of the memorial portraits I have done please check out my portrait page here. To get a quote please feel free to contact me!
LDG Nicole

Murphy Painting for Grace


When I painted my Mother in Law a picture of her cat Sylvester for her birthday earlier this year, my Step Mom, Grace really liked it.  I told her that I would try my hardest to paint a picture of her dog Murphy for her and I did. I would have posted it sooner but didn’t want to ruin the surprise before Christmas on here.

Here is a picture of the painting as well as a photo of Grace with the painting when I gave it to her today. She really liked it!

LDG Nicole

Kayla and Stone Portrait


My brother in law, Richie commissioned me to draw a picture of my niece, Kayla and their dog Stone that passed away this year. Kayla grew up with Stone. When she was a baby, Stone was a puppy and they were inseparable from the start. The portrait was to be a gift for Kayla for Christmas other wise I would have posted it sooner. I was given some photos to draw the portrait off of. I chose to take these two photos and combine them so you could see both Kayla and Stone’s faces. By doing so I was able to create a completely new picture which I thought was pretty neat.

Here are the 2 photos I used…

And here is the finished portrait I created…

When Kayla saw me today she thanked me for drawing the picture and told me she really wanted a picture of her and Stone and that she really liked it. My brother in law actually took it to the store and had it blown up huge for her bedroom. If I get photos of that I will be sure to share them on here!!

RIP Stone
LDG Nicole

Here Kitty Kitty………


Well in honor of my Mother In Law’s milestone birthday I wanted to give her something extra special. And one of her favorite things in the world is her cat Sylvester. So I decided to bust out the paints and make her a one of a kind gift……..

And with that another Happy Customer AKA Freaky Fanatic was was created 🙂

Judy with her Sylvester painting

LDG Nicole