Face Of Horror Contest

Hello there my Freaky Fanatics! So for shits and giggles, I decided to enter the Face Of Horror Contest. I figure why not, right? You never know.

So if you boils and ghouls have a moment visit my contest profile page, give me a vote or two and then share the link with your connections and ask them to do the same!

How would you use $13,000?
“My husband and I would use part of it to move out of our town home and into a house. This would allow for more room for all of our horror memorabilia and a bigger art studio so I can make even more horror inspired creations! The other part would go to upgrading our Frankenhearse (1983 Cadillac S&S Coach)!”

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole

5 thoughts on “Face Of Horror Contest

  1. I just saw that you placed 6th, yesterday when I voted you were 5th and I was SO HOPING you’d be able to keep going; and WIN!!! I’m sorry about the contest, but Sam and I are incredibly proud of our FAVORITE horror artist and creator! We both love and admire you and your husband so much; and wish you the most incredible inspirations in your next works!!! Always, Beckie Mitchem and Sam Rigby (horrorqueen151@yahoo.com)

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    • You are too kind! I did it for fun and thought instead of paying for votes or begging people to vote maybe I would win on the fact alone that I truly qualify for the title.. but I am sure someone will win that just paid and paid for votes. Thank you for taking the time to vote and all of your support!


      • I’m sure you’re right about the votes; how that one chick got in with just a regular selfie is beyond me. I did purchase about fifteen or twenty votes for my daughter, but that’s the only way she could vote. She doesn’t have Facebook or a bank account and she really wanted to vote for you. And I cast my votes every day the regular way. But I thought your comments on the Face of Horror profile were incredibly cool and spot on! I hope you did have fun with it though. You’re awesome, and if you could have won, you would have used the money for best things for you and your husband. All our love and terror, Beckie and Sam.

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      • I’m so glad you took this in stride and made something positive out of it! Like I said before, you’re incredible, and such a wonderful person and exceedingly talented artist. We’re VERY proud of you and all you’ve accomplished and are GOING to accomplish through your fantastic art and wonderous passion for all your do and your incredible outlook on life. You are definitely an inspiration for so many; including my own little Horror Queen!!! And to have such an amazing, supportive husband, you truly have a great life and will undoubtedly kick ass in every endeavor you choose! All our best wishes, support, and love, Beckie and Sam, my own Horror Queen! BTW, you should see our yard, already 75% decorative for Halloween! My Daddy, who’s almost 76, never fails to give my daughter the best he can for her FAVORITE holiday! Hopefully I can send you some pictures of their hard work. Always your greatest fans, Beckie and Sam!


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