Freaky Fanatic: Kassidy of Fantastic Tilly Part II

So my ghoul Kassidy from Fantastic Tilly just keeps getting cooler by the minute! She sent me this killer photo of herself posed adorably with her “Eat Your Heart Outart print! If you missed it, Kassidy previously did a video post about the art piece which you can view here as well as on her Instagram page dedicated to all things Jennifer Tilly!

See Kassidy and more of my happy customers on the Freaky Fanatic page of my official portfolio website!

Are you a part of our “Jennifer Tilly Tribe” be sure to pick up your own “Eat Your Heart Out” print or shirt in my Etsy shop!

Jennifer even rocks one of my shirts featuring this art piece (and I am still in awe of it)!

Have a photo of you rocking or displaying one of my creations? Contact me to submit your photos and videos so you can be featured as one of my Freaky Fanatics too! Sharing on social media? Be sure to tag #livingdeadgirlnicole and send me your links!

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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