R.I.P Danny T

Axe Man's Bridge

It brings us great sadness to inform our Axe Heads that we have lost a member of the Axe Man’s Bridge family. Danny Thornton aka Danny T passed away this week. He was a kind-hearted person who always had everyone’s best interest in mind. When decisions needed to be made or conflicts arouse he was always the mediator and the glue that kept things going. 2013-07 AMB Photo Shoot JC 5

He opened up his home to us for practice, recording and even as a meetup spot for interviews and to just hang out. We shared countless evenings in his garage making band merch and discussing plans. When we were not working on band stuff we spent countless days together making memories. Memories that will never be forgotten.

He was a true talent. Both musically and artistically. He taught so many local musicians the skills they use to this day. And even though the band split…

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Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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