Merry Krampus!

So I realized I posted and shared our “electronic” Xmas card on Instagram and via text but still had not posted it here (we are saving money by skipping snail mail again this year). So it’s a little late but still before Christmas so it counts for something right?

So to all my Freaky Fanatics…


And I got a little Krampus gift from the husband! I surprised him on Black Friday and got him the Xbox he wanted and he just got me a new printer! With me getting more and more print orders it was something I wanted but really needed. What really makes me drool the most though is the fact that it has a 11 x 17 scanner!!! This thing is a beast and will take up a bit of space in my studio/home office but it’s soooooo worth it!


I am off to fill more print orders 🙂

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

7 thoughts on “Merry Krampus!

      • You’re so awesome; and you’re SO much like my daughter-or rather, she’s so much like you! Both artists and you both love scary/horror stuff! You should see her work. She drew a blended pic too; Sonic the Hedgehog for one half and his Werehog version for the other half. I still can’t thank you enough for the seriously cool things you’ve allowed me to give her. You and your husband have the best (and spookiest!) New Year!

        On Dec 26, 2017 8:20 PM, “Living Dead Girl Nicole” wrote:

        Living Dead Girl Nicole commented: “HA HA! No problem at all. So happy she likes my work!”

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      • I am honored to inspire and have my work admired by an aspiring artist and horror genre lover! Tell her to keep it up! And thank you for being such a cool Mom who not only supports what her daughter loves but also supports other artists when considering gifts. It really means a lot.


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