Spitting Image: Penny Furter

Pretty excited to share my latest portrait with my followers. This one is in tribute to the very talented, Tim Curry. A mastermind actor who could bring creepiness, fun and just about any character to life on the big screen.

This one is another split face portrait (my specialty) that my fellow freaks will appreciate. It’s half Tim as Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT and the other half as him as Franken Furter in Rocky Horror picture show.

Penny Furter Logo

Now available as giclee prints and on t-shirts in my Etsy shop! See more of my portrait work on the Spitting Image page of my site!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


3 thoughts on “Spitting Image: Penny Furter

    • Thank you! It was definitely a fun piece. I always wanted to draw him and all this IT movie remake talk inspired me to push forward with it. The remake doesn’t look too bad but Tim Curry will always be Pennywise to me. I also just love how dramatic his role is as Frankenfurter and thought why not incorporate Rocky into it as well. I finished it and posted it and then a few days later I noticed everyone on Instagram was wishing Tim Curry a Happy Birthday. How ironic right?


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