Nightmare On Chicago Street 2016

Well being sick last week didn’t turn out to be a complete bust! Feeling much better this weekend meant we were able to go to Nightmare On Chicago Street and they added Butch Patrick as a Meet and Greet guest this week!

This was our first time going to Nightmare on Chicago Street. We first heard about it when I was networking at Walker Stalker Con. A woman working their booth display was interested in having me be a vendor when she saw me walking around with my Carl Grimes zombie. I decided not to vend it and scope it out first this year. We had an absolute blast. They had 3 stages of live entertainment, tons of food and drink vendors. The zombie apocalypse themed streets were literally one giant Halloween Party. We decided not to wear costumes because I wanted to be comfortable with being sick this past week. I decided to rock my Team Edward shirt along with my Lily Munster bat necklace. Festive in it’s own way. However now we are already talking about what to dress up as next year ha ha.

The hi-light of the evening though was meeting Butch. Not just because of giving him my art or the fact he is THE Eddie Munster. But because he was genuinely a really cool guy. Him and his wife are such laid back and friendly people. It was really an honor to get a chance to talk and meet them both. He loved my shirt and pointed it out right when we walked up and shook his hand. He introduced himself and asked us what our names were. It was like meeting a new friend.

When I showed him my Vroom! Vroom! Eddie portrait he got a kick out of it right away. Her read it and then started to do the lines from the Hot Rod Herman episode and showed it to his wife. He was very appreciative when I told him that it was drawn for him and that he could keep it.


After we took a photo with it they put it on display right next to his table. I am always honored when the celebs I meet do that.


Then we went to buy an autograph and he told us that since I brought him a gift he wanted to give us a thank you gift. He gave us a 2nd personalized autograph photo as well as a stand up Eddie display which he also signed for us.


I had an old vintage ornate frame that was perfect for the Munsters group photo so I framed that today and put it and the stand up Eddie display on our shelf of Munsters memorabilia. I specifically picked out the black and white Eddie in the drawer photo to match the black and white Wednesday Addams cemetery photo Lisa Loring autographed for us years ago. Going to get a frame and hang them next to each other.

A complete turnaround from last weekend. Still sad we missed the big hearse show (which we told Butch what happened and he asked us about our Frankenhearse and told us about another hearse show he has coming up) but could not be happier that things turned out the way that they did. Last night was a perfect evening.

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

3 thoughts on “Nightmare On Chicago Street 2016

  1. That’s really Ghool Nicole !! Nice of him to give something back too,,, didn’t get that from some of the other celebs, good for him, and I knew he’d love the portrait, I did.. : }
    Glad you could get to see him though, after being sick.

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    • I even told Frank after he gave us the gifts that you would be so happy to see that he gave me “thank you gifts” for the work I did. I know you have mentioned that a few times that you are surprised they don’t normally give me a free autograph or something for my hard work. Him, George Romero, Sid Haig and Sheri Moon Zombie all have so far. However some others have put my pieces on display at their tables for all to see and others have posted them online which means a lot to me too. I also love the experience and getting that extra time with them that makes it well worth it. 🙂 I also love leaving that lasting fan impression. Sometimes that has worked to my advantage because they remember me at other events. I am in the process of making a zombie to give to Alice Cooper next month. I am so gonna be like Wayne and Garth “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” ha ha ha


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