Last Night Summed Up

Well I am sure all of you are waiting on photos from me showing how incredible the Munsters – Hardcore Hearse Club Show was last night. Me giving Butch Patrick my Eddie Munster Portrait. Us showing off our new Bride of Frankenstein Prop I made in the hearse.

Well here is a photo summing up the evening….


Yah needless to say I woke up Friday morning with a tickle in my throat and through out the day my nose was congested. I assumed it might just be the climate change etc. As the night went on I felt worse and I passed out early on the couch watching American Mary on Chiller (which is one of my favorite movies so I usually stay awake for it ha ha).

Saturday when I woke up I was even worse. With my immune system I knew being out in the cold all night would be a really bad idea. So needless to say Frank and I stayed home. I was so upset all day and evening long. I still am. Out of all the hearse events this season this was the one I was the most pumped up for. I am sure you can tell by all of my prep posts.

I still feel aweful and my meds are wearing off so I am gonna stop typing and get some more rest. Maybe watch some ID channel or be thankful that all of the TV channels are having Halloween Horror movie marathons.

I end this post with one word that sums up how I feel right now…. WAH!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

5 thoughts on “Last Night Summed Up

  1. I feel bad for you, I know how amped up you were for this, and giving Butch the TERRIFIC portrait you drew, but I think it was much better you didn’t go, and got some rest, and movie marathonage (watched a few myself) in while recouping. I’m sure another opportunity will present itself. The important thing is your health. I look at it this way, there’s always a reason for things to happen, and we may not understand that reason, but you never know. maybe if you were on the road that night something else might of happened. The Big Guy upstairs watches out for us. Hope you get well soon Nicole !! : }

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    • Yah it’s disappointing but you are right. I do need to remember to think more like that sometimes. Everything really does happen for a reason. I normally do think that way but I was really hyped up for this. Not just to meet Butch cause I am sure I can meet him at another con etc. But I was also looking forward to the event in general. We don’t get to use the hearse that often for shows and this was one that was going to be really fun. Oh well what can you do. Health comes first ever since my surgeries and scares. Atleast I will have this sickness out of the way in time for Halloween ha ha


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