Spitting Image: 500 to 1

rz31thisAs you all know from my many posts, that I am a big Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie fan. My husband and I were joined by my brother and 2 of our friends on Sept 1st for the special 1 night screening of Rob’s new movie 31. I was immediately inspired to draw Sheri’s character Charly. I was actually anxious to draw her prior to seeing the film but then after I saw it I was determined more then ever.

This is the 3rd portrait I have done of Sheri. I have had the honor of meeting her twice and giving my work to her one of those 2 times. Maybe one day I will run into her again and be able to give her this piece as well. She is not just beautiful and talented. She an overall really sweet person and is very loyal to her fans, making her that much more inspiring to me.

I call this new piece 500 to 1. Anyone else who has seen 31 understands my inspiration for the name of this piece. Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet will understand it once they do.


For all my fellow Zombie Heads out there, prints of this piece are available in my Etsy shop! See more of my portrait work including past pieces I have done inspired by Rob and Sheri at the Spitting Image page of my portfolio site.

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

6 thoughts on “Spitting Image: 500 to 1

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    • 31 is on demand now. When you watch it you will understand the fear in her eyes even more 😉 Lords was Kubrick inspired but there is a book that came out that Rob help write as a companion to that movie. Glad I read it first as it put the movie into more perspective for me when we saw it. Frank was lost and lucky for him I was able to be the book companion for him ha ha. Same with Miss Peregrine. I read the books and was able to explain some of the missing pieces when we saw it last night.


      • I think I had it figured out as to what was going on, I just didn’t like all the Satan conjuring prayers, they went on and on. I want to see 31, and Miss Peregrine. Love Burton. I liked how you saved those clippings to.. reminds me of me. I used to cut out all kinds of characters that I wanted to draw as reference, and to study the art styles of the creators.


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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