Creature Features: Heather’s Pants Fashion Blog with Living Dead Girl Nicole

Creature Feature Post By One of my Freaky Fanatics! Check it out and follow her blog!

Living Dead Girl Nicole and I have been friends for a long time. Having a talented friend like Nicole is beneficial for me. HA! She knows my style, and makes pieces tailored for me.

Nicole is a truly talented artist, and hand makes beautiful one of a kind pieces that she will customize to your taste and style. Although her work focuses mainly on the macabre, she has the vision to work outside of her comfort zone and focus on the needs of the client.

Nicole is skilled in many mediums, but showcased are some of the beautiful hair pieces she has made for me over the years. I’ve worn her large head pieces to several weddings, and always receive many compliments.

If you are interested in a hairpiece for yourself, or other artwork Nicole has created, please review her etsy shop below.

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